Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things you can change, and things you can't

I'm really really unhappy about how the election turned out as you can well imagine. Frankly, I think there are so many things that irritated me about this election that I can scarcely count them all. (If you want to see some interesting stuff about it, go see Rick Mercer, specifically, my fave rant of his, September 30, Season 6, RMR Rant. I can't do an imbed like on Youtube, but if you go there and check it out, especially the final bit on that video, you'll know why I love Mercer.)

That said, I'm pretty frickin tired, and after sitting on this post for an entire day and trying to write something, I have only this....

In two years I can and will help to defeat Stephen Harper. Governments come and go like clockwork and we'll get rid of him sooner or later.

But yesterday I saw some pictures of myself at my current weight, and I was disgusted with myself. I have gained weight since having the baby. And never ever in my entire life have I ever weighed this much. Never. And if I don't lose the weight soon, then I'll be keeping it on for life.

I can stand Harper for 18-24 months, but there is no fucking way on the planet that I will live my life at this weight. I hate how I look, how I feel, and how the world sees me now.

I hate this enough to change it, so I will.


  1. I have no doubt that with the right leader and a good platform, the next majority government we have will be Liberal.

    And I have no doubt that you are such a determined soul that you will lose the weight you want to lose. You are tenacious!

  2. I know how hard it is when you aren't happy with your body/weight. Maybe Weight Watchers could work for you? They have a program for nursing moms.

  3. I love Rick too. : )

    And I am still trying to lose the pregnancy weight I gained (& then some) 10 years ago. Weight Watchers helps some, but I notice the biggest difference during the weeks when dh & I go out walking for 30-45 minutes, three or four evenings a week after dinner. Would Julius sleep in the stroller if you took him out in the afternoon for a power walk?

  4. Have a question Aurelia. Can a landed immigrant, who's been in Canada for 55 yrs. now, become a member of a Party? Do you have to be a citizen?

    Like your blog, btw. This is the 1st time I've come across it - through your comments at Red Tory's.

  5. Thank you Penlan! Although I just realized that I've been getting clicks pn a post where I talk about being fat....hmmm....need to put something else up I guess?

    And yes of course an immigrant can join the party.

    Anyone can as long as they are at least 14 and a resident of canada.

    Just go here

    and you can join online.

    Hope to see you around the blogosphere.

  6. I've been around the blogosphere for awhile now & started a blog a few weeks before the election.

    Yes, I saw your "fat" post but didn't think it was the right one to put my question

    Good luck with losing weight - at least your desire to get healthy is strong!

  7. Oops - I meant I wasn't sure it was the right post in which to ask my question, but I did anyway. ;)

  8. Aurelia,

    I would like to email with you privately as I have some questions but don't want to ask them publicly. It isn't information I want to share with everyone. :)

    You have my email addy so would you mind writing me so I can have yours?


  9. Penlan, for some reason I don't have your email address when I try to reply to your comments? And I can't find it on your profile.

    Email me at aurelia dot cotta at gmail dot com, and I'm happy to chat.

    (Just replace the word dot with a dot and the at with an @ etc...trying to get less spam here!)

  10. Thankyou Aurelia - will write to you soon. :)

  11. Babe, it really hurts me to see you flagellating yourself so - take it from me, hating the excess weight don't help!
    Hell, Julius is barely 5 mos old, cut yourself some slack...
    It's always a good idea to be diligent w/your nutrition & maintain a good exercise program, w/the objective of HEALTH not being a size 2.
    XOXOXO from your friendly neighborhood [fat] vet, Val