Monday, October 06, 2008


Why do weirdos in the supermarket always follow me around?

He's a cute weirdo this time, with a beard and kind of a tousled look.

This is the trouble with being postpartum, and the baby is at home, see, now I have big breasts, and my ring is still too tight for my wedding ring to go back on, and now---I guess they think I'm single?


Heh, so why don't the nice guys follow me? Why do I still attract the nutjobs?

I'm going to have to take my husband with me to Loblaws soon I guess.....


  1. That's when you head to the hygiene section and start throwing all sorts of disturbing products into your cart. Most likely, he'll flee. Otherwise, you might have made things worse.

  2. Better yet, send him and stay home.

  3. Weirdos always slap me across the face!

    Don't ask!