Monday, December 08, 2008

bury the lede

The government is prorogued and doing absolutely fuck all for the economy because Harper doesn't believe in government spending. I wonder how he'll feel when massive numbers of people on EI drain his damn treasury instead of contributing taxes for it? Or when they get depressed and go to health care providers and charge up the system?


Also, the vast majority of Liberal Party bloggers, members, and the national media are utterly incapable of reading either the Elections Canada Act or the Liberal Party constitution. They just keep proposing ideas for a leadership process and panicking and shitting themselves. Instead of, you know, READING WHAT THE LAW ALLOWS. I for one, refuse to fucking keep clarifying it for them. Morons. If you ever wondered why I don't feed into Liblogs blog aggregator for my political posts, this inside baseball echo chamber is the exact reason. The national news media? Even worse. Double sourcing? Bah.


Exams are coming up this week, and I'd love to post about how hard Kaz is working and how great his new school is, but I can't. He barely has to study. The materials, the subjects, hell the entire curriculumn is a joke.


Julius is nursing a bit more, but really is screaming in terror into my breast as he goes to sleep. Lovely. My baby cries out in fear at the mere sight of his mother's chest. Just what I wanted for Christmas.


I am exhausted and we have lots to do, but my husband, without asking me, keeps inviting his entire family over to dinner. Without asking me. They are lovely and sweet people and I don't mind hanging out with them, but why can't we ever just order a damn pizza? Why can't we go out to dinner to a restaurant?

Did I mention that he never even consulted me?


Hard to slam him though, considering that his brother in Europe will either be dead or in a locked hospital facility by morning.

Say a prayer. Just don't ask me which outcome you should pick...personally I'm leaving it up to God. Let him decide--fucker seems to just want my BIL to suffer.


  1. Wow that's a lot going on, I don't do prayers but I'll hope for the best outcome.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that government will pay bail out money to CEO's yet have no plan for the thousands of people who are losing their jobs.The political situation in Canada is a joke. No party is ready to lead. I saw this whole debacle as a power grab for both sides. None of them care about the citizens, they only seem to want power. And if you're one of the unlucky ones who loses your job at magna or gm. look out because the government is going to be putting dads in jail if they dont pay their support on time. what a mess!!

  3. I've been trying to catch up on Canada, and I must say, one time (and it's rare, believe me) that I'm glad we jettisoned the parliamentary system. And hey, no one really leading here either at the mo, so it's a whole lotta wait and see while the bus is is in free fall off the side of the cliff. Can't wait until the driver wakes up, eh?

    Sorry about the booby sitch. I guess my oh-so-maternal attitude is: he'll eat when he gets hungry? No, really. At some point he'll have to get over the fear, right? (Right?) Dark room? Pump and bottle?