Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Once again, I am trying to listen to my better angel. Considering all the chaos with Liberal/NDP coalition and the Tories fighting for time, you can just imagine that I am glued to the television and computer and news reports. I am trying to be calm and content and wait and see, very mature and reasonable but really, secretly, I am giggling with glee and I want to do a victory dance!!!


But I won't.

Bad me. Terrible. Very very immature. Must restrain self. Show respect for process.



Ok, on to other stuff. I was feeling a bit calmer because I had tweaked my hormones a touch. I added some progesterone because mine was close to zero, and it has made me feel a bit better. This is good because Friday night and Sunday night we had massive fights with Kaz, over pretty much nothing. Puberty in pre-teen son + premature menopause in mother = sucky house.

Julius' helmet is going well. We slowly upped the time spent in the helmet to 18-20 hours and he now sleeps overnight. The reason btw, that he wears it only 18-20 hours a day as opposed to 24 is because this particular design covers his head on top, except for some vent holes, an adjustable slot with a tightening band, and it goes down the back of the neck to just above the shoulders. This prevents tummy time and riding in some car seats. (Our car seat works with the helmet, not all do.) So he needs tummy time on the floor sans helmet in the morning for an hour or two, and then we do dinner, bath, and bedtime for an hour or two in the evening before it goes back on for sleep. Too much time in this kind of helmet can cause problems with sores on the head due to rubbing. Some helmets are open on top but his head has a pitch that is high in the back and slopes forward, plus we need to deal with the forehead, so this is the one we had to go with.

Have I mentioned the nasty superior comments that are slipping from the mouths of every parent who sees him. Sigh..."I made sure I changed my babies position regularly. Didn't you know to do that? You should have done that. Poor kid, too bad he has to suffer like that."


If you see a news report about a woman with a helmeted baby randomly slapping people who speak to her, it's me. Raise bail please. Thanks.

Okay, really I can handle those people.~~~~~~~

(Yes, part of this post did disappear at some point....just in case anyone ever finds the blog. They are nice people I was talking about, just a little unwell in the head. In the meantime, rescue me from the schadenfreude, please.)


  1. I say to hell with Zen and you should just start bitch-slapping people.

    I'll help with the bail.

  2. I agree with Tara. Honestly, are these people dumb??? Don't they know that they can't take their money with them when they die???

    And yes, I can start canvassing the 'burbs for your bail money, no worries. ;)

  3. For one, I can't BELIEVE other people have the gall to come to you and accuse you of being at fault for your child's head shape. What a bunch of a-holes.

    I had a friend who's son had a severely flat head and it was because he was a twin and it was caused by the way he laid in the uterus.

    People are dumb.

    And as far as your relative...sounds to me like their sick twisted way of gaining attention. Kind of like the people who intentionally get their kids sick just so people will feel sorry for them.

    And we think that WE are the ones who need meds... :-)

  4. I totally support you bitch-slapping any of those people! Totally. Both the rude comments about the helmet, and your relative who is obscenely cheap. Both seem beyond help to me!

    I have to say though, I really do not agree with a Coalition Government being forced down our throats. I think it is akin to a dictatorship. Canadians didn't vote for a Coalition Government. For me, this is not an issue of having a Liberal Government, Conservative Government, or NDP Government. This is about democracy. Despite whatever political views we may all have, we held a democratic vote, and Canadians elected a Conservative Government this time. I do not appreciate the Bloc Quebecois (a separatist party!), the NDP, and the Liberals attempting to overthrow the current *democratically* elected Government!! They are making a power grab, causing more turmoil in our country (and causing the markets to plummet yet again) at at time when all parties should be coming together to work together with the democratically elected government for the good of all Canada.

    I am NOT a die-hard supporter of the Conservatives, or ANY one party at all -- I am merely so upset by this undemocratic prospect of a coalition government being forced on Canadians.

    Even if I were a die-hard supporter of a party trying to usurp control of the government, I still think I could not cheer on such an undemocratic process. I really feel that a coalition government is only going to cause more turmoil for Canadians, for the markets, for everything. At a time when what we really need is stability. I'm really disappointed. :(

  5. How can people say this process is undemocratic. It sounds like a natural correction and if the people want it, it will happen. Otherwise bitch slap away and don't have those people over for Christmas. You have your hands full with the baby anyway......

  6. To me, it is undemocratic if a party or parties gets into power that was not fairly elected by the Canadian people.

  7. As the kids are teenagers, I would be tempted to say something to them. But, since it's really not your place, maybe you could try complimenting the relative and her husband on their fiscal responsibility. Fake a little envy for their debt free state. Then ask how they are teaching their teenagers that having a lot of money does not make you any different than anyone else. If you can do it in the kids' hearing, so much the better. Also, it's a perfect time to discuss investments with the world markets in such turmoil. But if she makes angry comments to you, then you should feel free to let loose with whatever you want, as she has opened the door.

    Re: the helmet. What's wrong with people, anyway? Like you would deliberately set out to make your child's life more difficult, or something. Ugh.

  8. Nilla darling sweetie pie, my wild Albertan chickie,

    The parliamentary system is democratic, 800 years in the making in fact. You never vote for a government or a party, only an MP. Your MP was fairly elected by you and is still representing you right now. Feel free to let them know what you think.

    This entire process is legal, legitimate, fair, and constitutional. It is completely in line with Canadian law and tradition.

    Admittedly, the result may not be something you prefer. I sure didn't like it a few years back when Harper tried to defeat Martin the same exact way. But I had to accept it in the end.

    And so will you.

    Anyway hon, I don't know if it will make you feel any better, but Dion is a kind responsible decent person. The universe will not end. Really.

  9. My biggest worry about all this is that the Bloc play such an important role. It makes me feel like this deal is a bit slimy.

  10. hmm coming from a real poor family i would say since youre holding on to so much money why not donate some of it to the foodbank. better yet give them my email i'll tell them what poverty really is lol
    how havent you poked their eyes out yet?!

  11. What they choose to do....not your problem. They do sound twisted. They could teach thier kids so much more than that. Perhaps a field trip into the downtown core of Toronto is needed so that your kids can get a look at real homeless people. And then let your kids be empowered and educated about it so that they don't feel pity in the wrong places. You can't help or change them or thier ideas but you can make your kids strong so that they can fend these attacks off themseleves. Gah, why do people have to be so weird and ugly?!

    I rarely do this...in fact I know it's not cool but I wanted to direct you to my cousins account of her miscarriage...asongforeveryday.blogspot.com
    Warning, totally graphic and upsetting.

    yarnharlot.ca.blog has a good Canadian governement 101 post up.
    When do you think we'll know anything? Soon I hope. It's weird having it all up in the air.

  12. bah...it's www.yarnharlot.ca/blog


  13. Perhaps they're trying to live like this guy: http://noimpactman.typepad.com/

  14. I'm not a fan of judgy people no matter what the issue.
    so fk the helmet types and the inlaws.