Tuesday, February 10, 2009

one more thing

sick baby now has bronchitis
annual fundraiser a big 'ol mess
friends not available right when I need them
birth relatives violating emotional boundaries
in-laws turning into unrecognizable schadenfreude experts
husband and I having huge fight about unattractive schadenfreuders
roof has an ugly tarp and ceiling still falling in
architect unable to remember previous instructions, keeps sending weird drawings
hormones now undetectable (LH & FSH) so I may have another disease to battle
unable to schedule diagnostic sonohysterogram due to 12 weeks worth of unrelenting bloodloss
kaz's school made several commitments to us on friday after I raised hell - and still nothing
behind on billpaying, even though I have the money, because the paperwork is so screwed up
no groceries in house, no supplies cause I barely have time to move, never mind shop
skin cancer spot on nose, or else I am growing an ugly spot
new car is still not working right
bloglines messed up, can't pick up feeds
feedburner messed up, can't figure out feeds
blogger messed up, keeps barring comments
ISP messed up, unable to get me on the net
gmail/blackberry both messed up, unable to send/receive messages
and last but not least
husband's long-standing, inactive auto-immune disease is active again - the one I can't discuss here, that scares the fuck outa me

enough people just enough


  1. Oh gosh, you need a vacation ((((hugs))))

    I'm so impressed that you can make a list of all the things that are troubling you. I think it would confuse the hell out of me to be thinking about so many things at the same time.

    I have caller ID and don't answer ILs. If they insist on this, can Mr.C. at least shield you from it? Or do they live nearby and bug you in person too?

    Take care, really.

  2. Oh, hell, Aurelia. I'm so sorry! The only positive I have to offer you is that I was (mis)diagnosed with Sheehan's Syndrome and learned a lot about it, and if you truly had that then you wouldn't be able to produce prolactin. As in, you would not produce a drop of breastmilk--that's often the first tip-off with women who have Sheehan's and are trying to breastfeed. So the fact that you have been able to nurse Julius makes me hopeful that whatever is going on with your hormones is at least confined to your OBGYrl-parts and not anything awful in your brain (Sheehan's would also kill off your thyroid and adrenal glands--VERY bad stuff; that's why they thought I had it, because my thyroid and adrenal function was crap). Not that a significant hormonal imbalance confined to your lady-bits is any great prize, but at least the effect on your overall health wouldn't be as devastating...

  3. Rachel, I manage my stress by making lists! many many lists....

    And the in-laws send email, and call and everything else. It's all about P. and his care, so we have to be involved. It's just crap listening to it.

    MFM Mama, I hope you are right. There is a slow onset kind of Sheehans that does mean you can breastfeed, but over time, everything drops off bit by bit. I'm hoping this is just a weird blip and not that. Sigh...

  4. No answers for you. Just some (((hugs))). It never rains but it pours...

  5. Sorry that I don't have any useful suggestions to offer, but I'm offering support. Hang in there.

  6. Would it make you want to hit me if I said, "This too shall pass?" :o)

    Hang in there mama. {{{hugs}}}

  7. Def. need a vacation! HUGS you! xxx

  8. I think you need a vacation. Failing that, a spa day - massage, hot tub, pedicure.

  9. Dude! Is your corkscrew still working? Sounds like you need to put it to use.

  10. Fucking hell. Rains, pours. Hate that shit. Hang in there hun. Let me know whose throat I can punch.

  11. Yes, I prescribe alcohol, and lots of it.

  12. Oh yes, have a drink on my behalf by all means. Sorry to read this list, it gets more and more horrifying by the line. I can see that some of these things are going to persist, but others hopefully will lift soon.

  13. Gosh - this list is awful. I'm sorry you have all of this on your plate. Suggest moving over to G/Reader to alleviate one - for the others maybe alcohol will help.

  14. I hope it all eases up a bit.

    And yes, use Reader. Bloglines sucks ass.

  15. Holy smokes are you ever being beaten down! What an awful list! I can only hope some of it resolves soon.