Thursday, March 12, 2009

Speeches and dinners

I'm at the Ontario Liberal Party Heritage dinner tonight and laughing and have a great time.

Isn't getting the right hormone balance just the best fucking medicine EVAH?? Feel like six million bucks today dudes.

Did you know that the recession is almost over? Seriously, the bull is back, the bear is dead. The layoffs will unfortunately continue, but the market has hit bottom and things will only go up from here.

I know this....really.

Remember when I yipped on and on about the credit crisis and you all didn't know WTF crazy Aurelia was going on about? I was right, and bad shit happened.

Well take some hope my friends. It's time to think positive and it's not just the estrogen talking my peeps.

So on the dinner:

Dalton has some good jokes tonight as always. Very dry wit. Stupid me cannot follow the french bits. He has the hope meme down pat, and is working the inspiration hard.

It's good---I'm a fan of helping the poor and education spendng etc.

Okay, ten minutes in, I am distracted and want to know when dinner is served. Sorry Dalton baby, time to sit down! I'm hungry!

More later....


  1. i've met dalton on a few occassions and my daughter shook his hand once with the hand that didnt have candy all over it. if you get his ear could you ask him what he plans to do about the 90 kids that died in care in 2007??

    so glad you are feeling better!

  2. Great to know things are looking up! :)

  3. You probably rubbed elbows with a few of my former coworkers. A whole slew of them quit to go work for Dalton & Co. after the last election. Glad you had a good time!