Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vacation suspense

Thank you thank you thank you for all your good stories and wishes and prayers. They really do help!

Mr.C. had his CT scan and because the tech was completely obscure....we know nothing. We leave Sunday and we'll have to get our news when we get back.

Now my theory, based on my many medical adventures is that they don't let you leave if they see something really bad. I know that isn't always true, but for me it generally is. Anytime they have let me leave and something was wrong, they have made it crystal clear that something is wrong and sent me to see a Doctor ASAP.

And nothing like that happened to him. The radiologist was there, and didn't even ask for some extra views or shots. They even let him leave early! Which tells me that either it's the tiniest teeniest thing on earth, or it WAS a drip of icing from a pastry on the X-ray.

And that's the story I'm sticking with. Sadly, my husband is not so convinced and keeps making morbid jokes about lung cancer and dying young, etc....I think he is going to have a tough time having fun this week.

My big hope is that the radiologist clears the report fast and his Doctor calls and gives him good news by cellphone Monday morning. (Yes, we will have blackberries and an iPod touch and I will be checking email and twitter and Facebook sporadically, he needs to stay plugged in for his brother and work, and I just love being on the net!)

Can I tell you all a secret? You know I don't swim well, and so you can guess that I won't be in the ocean. Well, this will be very different than a cottage because someone else will be doing laundry and cooking and dealing with dirty towels so there's that. But I'm not really a fan of lying down and doing nothing either. I last about a half hour on a beach chair and then I get twitchy to go see a show or go on a tour bus or go shopping or learn all about some ancient city nearby. Or just run up and start talking to random strangers!

Mr.C. meanwhile does not want to move from the beach---ever. He might go to the sports bar for March Madness, but he doesn't want to do anything. Hmmm

What about all of you? Are you like chillin' and relaxing types or more like me, activity types?


  1. Well, I certainly hope Mr. Cotta's scan is as innocent as it's being made to seem. Hopefully you can talk him into enjoying the holiday (or better yet, that the all clear call comes first).

    As for vacations, I'm like you; I can't sit around doing nothing. The one all-inclusive beach vacation my husband and I ever took saw us last exactly a day and a half at the resort (we explored all we could and used all the amenities, like ocean kayaks, they had. After that, we just had to get out!

  2. Hope he manages to enjoy the holiday despite the uncertainty.

    I like to sit around reading books on my vacations. We usually go walking around towns and museums too, though.

  3. I hope your doctor calls early Monday morning with good news!

    I'm totally an activity person...there's no reason for me to ever venture onto the beach because I hate sand and burn easily. I'll hang out at the pool for half an hour or so, but I'd rather walk around and look at people and places. My husband likes to relax and lay in the sun. But, he doesn't mind exploring too, so we can both compromise.

  4. i try really hard to sit still and sunbathe, but in the end my nervous energy gets the best of me! the last time i fell asleep on the beach i got a sunburn! that'll learn me!

    i hope that mr. cotta gets the results ASAP so he (and of course you!) can enjoy your much deserved vacation!

  5. Hi there,
    Very new reader of your blog - just wanted to add a quick comment regarding your husband's situation. Last year, I had a persistent cough. I went in for a chest x-ray and they found a spot on my lung. After the Scan they determined that it was scar tissue. Cough eventually went away and all was well. It was a scary time, as I am no longer a smoker, but had smoked off and on for over ten years. Hope it turns out to be nothing for your husband as well - sometimes searching the internet is not always the best thing to do, unless you have an actual diagnosis, because you can scare the crap out of yourself. My advice, enjoy your trip, wait for the diagnosis, and then go from there. Hopefully it will be nothing (spots can be so many different things, not just lung cancer).
    Take care.

  6. Me, in my other life? I loved activity. Museums, parks, every hour planned out, finishing the day with sore feet. Me in this life? Lying around, closing my eyes, reading, avoiding people. All the better if there's a nice looking young person to bring me drinks and clean towels.

    But I'll shoot myself before I go on a cruise.

    Thinking of Mr. C -- the wait for news just sucks.

  7. I am more like you - I like to do activities. I hope you have a wonderful time and I'll be thinking of you and sending good vibes you way.

  8. I like to lounge. And just enjoy the beach. Occasionally to wander off and see the sights, but generally just do nothing.

  9. You and Mr. C sound exactly like me and L. He likes to hang out reading and lounging. I figure I could do that at home. Luckily, Gray is like me, so when we're on vacation, Gray and I are off having adventures, while L hangs out in the hotel.

  10. I've been OOT so I apologize for being late to the party ;-)
    I agree w/your assessment that it was No Big Deal on Mr C's CT scan, or you would have been detained... [the last time I had a fine-needle biopsy, I had to cool my heels for a couple of hrs until we had prelim results]
    Can I answer "both" as to whether I am a lounge lizard or go-getter? bcz I really DO like to sightsee & go places as long as my energy holds out, but I also dearly adore a nice sunbath w/a good book...

  11. I agree... usually if somethng is very wrong they send you right to the doctor.

    As for vacation: I can sit on a beach lounger ALLLLLL freaking day. It was a little harder this vacation with the crawling baby, and all!

    Have a good time.

  12. Activity type.

    As for the rest, I'm just catching up and how stressful! But I'm glad you're feeling groovy about the x-ray and I'm sure your intuition about these things is pretty good by now.

    Have a great holiday!