Friday, October 19, 2007

little surfing

Thanks for all your reassuring comments! I'm trying to focus on the hopeful stories, but I realized that I needed to look at other blogs, and sites, like political ones if I was going to get my mind off of my troubles. So I go over to my clogged up bloglines feeds, and click on all the political blogs. Red Tory has been posting up a storm, about the Throne Speech, about the impending possible election, etc. but what is my eye drawn to? This.

RT meant this post to be a statement about the excesses of the undertaxed U.S. rich, all I can think of is that this entire site is pure infertility porn. Designed to make us believe the fantasy can be ours, if only we spend every last cent with the damn Docs.....I have to admit, I'm drooling as I click around, until I see this page, and laugh my ass off.

I can't be the only one who remembers the Ladybug onesie theme right? I mean we're no longer in onesie territory here, we're in serious decorator territory hon.

Anyway, the whole thing is silly, but oooooooooo as long as I focus on the shiny lovely pieces of glitter and fluff and ignore the stuff I can't control, I'll be less nervous.

I hope.

Tomorrow I'm getting a new cellphone, or maybe a blackberry or maybe even an IPod Touch. My old phone is crap, and I was supposed to replace it anyway. In fact, it's been so long since I got a new one that I could pretty much get any phone I want for free. but I've delayed and delayed, like I somehow don't deserve it. Ridiculous. So now I need to reward myself.

Shiny, fluffy, glittery, distracty, at least until NEXT TUESDAY.

*And before anyone doesn't get it, I DO mean this last bit as an amusing contrast to RT's post about conspicuous consumption. Irony, etc.


  1. Ooooo...shiny! I like shiny!!!!!

  2. Don't forget to poof your poof so it can return to it's original poofiness!

  3. Hey - I love my Blackberry Pearl - so take a good look at those if you are even considering an internet phone. The iphones are supposed to be good but the next generation will be better... many people I know who bought the iphone have a list of compaints (even though it's cool.. yes, you can't multi-text..) So ahem, have fun phone shopping!

  4. Wow. My tot will not be posh.

    I'm sitting here thinking he's spoiled because we spent $16 on a "Republicans for Voldemort" onesie.

    Have fun with the Blackberry. Make sure to point out when you're using it to comment so I can feel a little jealous.

  5. Definitely wait and get an iPhone -- they aren't even available in Canada yet, but they will be soon: the carrier in Canada will be Rogers.

    Did I tell you I'm getting a MacBook for my birthday this year!?!? (I NEVER get anything good for my birthday, so this is very exciting.)

  6. Distraction is a great tool, especially distraction with technology. Good luck finding an awesome phone. Hang in there

  7. Thank goodness that the Posh Tot site doesn't appeal to me. No need for jealousy.

    Keep your chin up!!!

  8. I hereby wish you all the entertaining distractions you'll possibly need until next Tuesday! POOF!

    Sorry for just butting in here, but I found you inadvertently last week and am now addicted. So, I suppose I owe you a great deal of thanks for providing me some much-needed distractions too.

  9. Shiny fluffy glittery distracty!! Shiny glittery butterflies! Shiny fluffy kitties!

    Okay...I just wanted to say that I know that feeling and wishing you all the best.