Friday, October 26, 2007

No coffee table yet


All day.

You know, when I was poor, and had only furniture from the Salvation Army, I thought people who were rich enough to afford new furniture from nice stores, must live lives of perfect harmony. They simply flashed a gold credit card, and people did what they wanted.

When I grew up and could afford to decorate in the late 20th century style known as "Early Ikea," I thought things were getting better, and perhaps someday I could move up to furniture made of real wood and glass, that comes assembled! Perhaps own a sofa that had nice cushy springs, and didn't sag or creak.

I did not know that the price I'd pay would be giving them all of my money, and never ever getting the furniture. I really whine when I go through delayed gratification....sigh.

Still pregnant here, my bloods came back all nice and average. Iron good, thyroid good, progesterone was normal (this is due to me taking 400 mg/day of prometrium, of course), and my hcg as of Tuesday at 7 weeks was 80,000. Which still kicks ass. Why did they do my beta? Who knows? At this stage, after 3-4 ultrasounds, it's kind of extraneous. But if it keeps Dr.J. happy...fine. She's getting me into see a high risk OB I haven't seen before. A guy I need but have no connection to to get in good with.

Which is good because I'm going to need him. I saw Dr.Eyebrows for a last minute panicked US after I woke up with no nausea and figured well, this is it...everything must be toast!

No, no, nothing bad happened. We saw the heartbeat, but they couldn't see the heartrate on the crappy machine. Not as big a concern to me today as the GIGANTIC fibroid. I know I called him Fido before, but I am changing it to Fred. Cause it's now bigger than a dog, big enough for a real name. Approximately 7.5 cm worth, all around. Still on the outside, (sort of subserosal/intramural) so it can't impinge on the baby's space, so far, but that may change in the future if it gets bigger.

Which is freaking me out.

So I'm just taking back that stupid ass comment about how it's more likely I'll get a baby than the furniture. I can deal with going back to Ikea.

But I REALLY really want this baby. So if I only get one of the two, I know which one I'm picking.


  1. As annoying as those assembly instructions are, I'd choose a baby and IKEA over Ethan Allen anyday!

  2. Definitely take the baby. But I hope you get the coffee table, too.


  3. OY, don't talk to me about I-bloody-kea! Hope you you get the baby too, you can always drink coffee elsewhere, ha ha ha ;) XXX

  4. I hope you get both! You deserve it! I'll be thinking about you!

  5. coffee table = more to clean
    baby = more to clean, but baby just seems much more satisfying doesn't it.

  6. And my sister waited all day for her couch. Not a good day for furniture deliveries, it seems.
    But yes, definitely take the baby.

  7. I am really good at assembling Ikea furniture. Just so you know.

  8. I agree with Las - you should get both, you deserve both.