Sunday, October 14, 2007


I'm not really a tough, ballsy chick. I just play one on the internet.

Really, I swear.

In fact, I've discovered that I like blogging for making personal confessions, because I really melt and turn into a big terrified puddle when I talk about all this stuff in real life. To avoid the puddle, I turn into "The Passionate Advocate on behalf of Someone Else," complete with voice change, political arguments, and dominating personality as armour to keep me safe.

I knew this about myself, but I thought I'd be able to avoid it if I met some bloggers in real life who had seen the more vulnerable side of me on the net.


Sigh....I'll really have to get better at this.

Anyway, I'm off on Tour today, a very long, or possibly short phallic tour. We'll be wandering around with the visitors having some very strange fun. Maybe I'll even relax a bit. Oh what the hell, where's my damn armour?


  1. Do you really think that bloggers who have seen your vulnerable side on the net will see through you in real life?

    It is hard when someone has read your fears, your tears and your secrets to not see through it in real life.

    BTW, you are cute when you turn a bright shade of red. :)

  2. So wait, are you a puddle or a medieval soldier today?

    I like them both, honestly.

    Enjoy the phallic tour. I want one myself this spring.

  3. Ha! I would really wonder about the phallic tour had I not just been to a certain website with a certain photograph.

    I really would have thought it was some kind of IF code for "going to the RE's office." Yes, I am a huge dork. Yes, IF is all consuming right now.

  4. Am very jealous, wish I could tour with you!! x

  5. Oh, I'm so sympathetic to this. If I could interact with people face to face, as I can in writing, I would be so much happier! Alas, the real life verbal me has a tendency to melt into that same sort of puddle as well.

    Try to relax- you will be so glad you did!