Tuesday, November 06, 2007

9 weeks, 1 day

Yep, the fetbryo is still alive, little heart beating away. Today it was 2.5 cm for CRL (Crown rump length), and 163 bpm. Fred the fibroid is shrinking ever so slightly, so it many be possible that it will not interfere from here on out. Of course, the shrinking is causing me some slight pain, since it's happening at the same time that my uterus is growing.
But that's okay, as long as I know it's Fred!

Best part of the US? The baby was moving! Tiny little flutters, little bits moving here and there. Very very encouraging, since movement is a good sign of development. Next week or the week after we should be able to get lots more movement, if things continue on properly.

They were able to use the US machine abdominally and get clear pictures, which was interesting. I'm not sure if I like that or not, since between the UTI I still seem to have and my perennially small bladder, transvaginal is less painful than having someone push on my body like a squishy overfilled water balloon.

Of course, transvaginal can be slightly creepy if you aren't used to it, or if you have an US operator who is driving you crazy with the poking and prodding etc.

So, hey, any preferences out there? Which one do you guys like better, and when, and why: dildocam or probe on the tummy?


  1. fantastic news, Aurelia, esp about the movement. Isn't it clearly a fetus once you get to 9 weeks?

    Re the scans, I prefer what ever gets me a clearer picture, I don't find either of them particularly hard to deal with.

  2. Oh for me the abdominal scan every time! the less things poked around my hooha (except for my husbands penis!) the better. I'm even more a sanitary towel girl than the tampon type ;)

    This time they only did the abdominal even for the seven week scan, with the others it was a mix between the both but I hated the vaginal one every time. Even for the IUI they did both at the same time!

    Anyway, is there really a difference, I certainly didn't notice?

  3. I don't mind the dildocam, except for the guy who was prodding here and there and then, when there was blood running down my legs, got scared and helpless and had no idea what to do. In the OB/GYN department of a large university hospital, which is supposed to be pretty good (and was, for me, with this single exception).

  4. Blech, Amelie, that sounds terrible.

    Yay!! I'm so glad the fetbryo is not only still growing and pumping away.

    I am generally oblivious to the transvag. I generally prefer that one though, for the reason you describe, having to have a full bladder for the abdominal US means having to have a tech pressing on my belly and aggravating said bladder. I've gotten so used to the dildocam I'm oblivious to it. Except for the goopiness.

  5. Definitely transvaginal in early pregnancy... I have had some docs who push really hard to get good pictures during scans - and it can be not just unpleasant, but actually painful. In later pregnancy definitely abdominal :-)

    Congrats on seeing your little one dancing for you!

  6. Yeah! Continued good wishes.

    I'm with Rachel. And the dildocam? Don't make me put it in. It's your job.

  7. As long as they find something, I wouldnt' give a rat's ass (don't take that any way but humorous).

    Actually, worse is when the tech wants YOU to insert the wand. I don't need anyone to know what my "technique" is for inserting anything, thank you very much.

    P.S. Congrats!

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  9. I am SO happy to hear that all is going well with the fetbryo. Best news I have heard all day. :)

    Give me a trans-vag any day. I hate the full bladder thing.

  10. Perhaps this a bit sick, but I think I prefer the dildo cam. Of course, my only experience with the belly version is not seeing a damn thing and having a big goopy mess of transducer gel all over my bush. Yick.

    Congrats on both heartbeat and movement!!

  11. Glad to see the news continues to be good! Congratulations!

  12. The tummy is always quicker and easier, but hell - whatever, really. Doesn't bother me a whole lot.


  13. I'm so, SO glad to hear that things are progressing along just as they should!

    I really am (and that's why I stated yesterday on my blog that my bitter rant was definitely NOT directed at anyone at all, and certainly, least of all you! :) )

    RE: ultrasound techniques....I actually don't really care either way. But, if I had to choose, I would choose a trans vaginal U/S any day over an abdominal. Why? I HATE (HATE!!!) drinking 10 gallons of water in 15 minutes for an abdominal U/S.

    Transvaginal U/S is WAY more easier -- sure, you have to take off half your clothes, but God, at this bloody point, I've absolutely lost count of how many times I've had a dildo.cam U/S, so I truly don't mind them at all.

    Although I suppose, if one makes it in a pregnancy past 11 weeks or so (I wouldn't know!) I guess you no longer need to drink 10 gallons of water any longer.

    So, if I ever got to that point, I would gladly take an abdominal U/S sans water. ;)

    But I'd still rather have whatever U/S gave the clearest pictures.


  14. Great news on the growing fetus!
    I am not a fan of the dildo cam. Never got one in my first pregnancy and just knew it was bad when they brought it out for the second one.
    Though, as nicole says, getting your pubes all lubed up is not all that fun the indignity of the dildocam really sent me over the edge.

  15. I have yet to be wanded for this pregnancy, but the last two pregnancies (and subsequent miscarriages) I never made it to the external u/s stage of the game.
    Pressing on a full bladder sounds like some kind of OB/GYN water-boarding.

    The only thing I HATE about the dildo cam, aside from finding dying embryos or empty sacs, is when they go to look for your ovaries and crank the wand over to quite an unnatural and painful angle. (Well, that and have one shoved up my bajingo when I was actively miscarrying; even then he STILL wanted to look at my ovaries.)


  16. Before reading the comments, I remember liking the external US better, but then again, I got to see a lot more going on with the external. The dildocam was used too much in desperation, looking for follies, investigating threatened miscarriages and diagnosing a subchrionic hematoma.

  17. The thought of dealing with any kind of ultrasound, ever, gives me the creeps. I had a facial a few weeks ago and lying down on the table made me feel suddenly sick.

    But your ultrasound was wonderful, fantastic, encouraging.

  18. First let me say Yay for such great news.

    As for which u/s I perfer it really does not matter. I have had so many done both ways it makes no differance. I just want which ever one that was needed to see what needed to be seen.

  19. excellent news.
    And congratulations on graduating to abdominal. I am an u/s slot-- I'll take whichever will show me what I need to know. But I like the word "dildocam." There, I admitted it.

  20. never had the pleasure of a dildo cam...never even knew they existed until I happend upon the land of fertility blogs.
    then again I don't recall the abdominal one being pleasant when hugh.