Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Amazing how your friends can ride to the rescue

I was so depressed this morning I didn't even look at the newspaper. And Megan, who commented on my blog's last post, (second Megan in comments-two different Megans) just mentioned that the Globe and Mail has a story about Infertility Bloggers, and some of my most favourite women are mentioned! Gil, and Mel, and Julie, and Tertia are all quoted. (Megan, by the way, if you do feel like pointing out this story to the PMO and the communications people there, it might be a good thing, especially considering the Feds have a long way to go when it comes to treating bereaved moms and the infertile decently. Email me, we can chat! I am full of good ideas.)

After last night, I felt like I'd been kicked in the head, and after reading this, and all of your lovely supportive comments, (and emails) damn I feel better. After all, if Gil can be brave, then maybe I can be a little less freaked out right? And maybe, just maybe I can try to remember that there are so many infertiles in the Liberal Party that trying to figure out which one is me, might be harder than I thought. (Okay, everyone else is in the closet besides me and Dion, but STILL, it might be difficult. ) And if they do things that are unfriendly, then maybe that makes them the big assholes, right?

Sigh....hoping, but I do feel a touch better.

I have to go see my genetics doc right now, and figure out if the odds of having another Trisomy 18 baby, at my age and with my shitty old ovaries are "maybe", "possibly", or "totally fucking guaranteed." Dr.Eyebrows says DHEA improves egg quality, but who the hell knows, right?

Oh, and bonus! I have to go alone, Mr.Cotta just called to say that he has to go run and urgently deal with a crisis with a client. Nice---I'm facing a firing squad, and he's going to hold some rich dudes hand. Lovely. No where the hell did I put that valium? Fuck, fuck, fuck.


  1. Hope the genetics appointment was fine. Sorry you had to go alone.

    I was away and missed your last couple of entries. Am now all caught up. The snoopy person? Not cool. Hope they id themselves. Or at least go away.

  2. I read that article this morning and after your last post was looking for your name to come up!

    I hope the appointment went ok. I just came from there dammit. If I had known I could have at least brought you a coffee. Waiting there is just torture.

  3. I hope you were able to get some information from the appointment. Because usually the answer is "maybe." Which isn't too helpful.

  4. I hope the appointment went well.
    I'm afraid I work near but not on the Hill (when I'm not taking a sick day for an extended crying jag on top of a bad cold, like today.)
    I know you have many, many good ideas.
    Wish I was in a position to make someone listen them, Aurelia.

  5. Hey, we're riding to the rescue again! Just imagine us all there holding your hand in your appointment.

    Like Niobe said, often the answer is maybe. But I hope they give you good advice and help you make decisions you are comfortable with.

  6. Megan, no worries, I am sort of joking, sort of serious, but email me anyway at some point, I'd love to ask you a few questions. You have no blog, so it's hard to be supportive back! And I'd love to do that for you.

    The appointment went well, I'm just writing a post about it now.

  7. Good luck with your appointment. Hope you come away very reassured. (I can hope, can't I? Will anything reassure you properly?)


  8. I hope the appointment went ok!

  9. I hope your appointment went okay!! Please post an update as soon as you can, I'll be thinking about you!


  10. Glad to hear it was okay - looking forward to the details.

  11. looking forward to the appointment update.