Tuesday, November 20, 2007

communication conundrum

*Updated below*

You'd think it was mercury retrograde or something with all the broken telephone going on here abouts.

First I am dying in suspense waiting to see how Catherine is doing, and whether or not she did get the c-section today, or they waited!!!!! She was one of the very first bloggers I ever read, and I found the entire world of blogging through her sidebar I think. And now, after 2 stillbirths, and a mountain of hell, she is supposed to be having Baby Myles, safe and sound today, and I'm totally impatient to find out how it's all going!!!! I may break the refresh button on my browser soon.

I spoke to a friend of mine, who inadvertently or not, managed to tell me that she thought the school Kaz was applying to was for kids who were "not as smart", that ultrasounds hurt babies, that ADD & LD can be treated with "mental training", and to generally imply once again that the way she is raising her kids is better than the way I'm raising mine. I finally told her I had to go, I think I'll call back again when she stops having PMS. Sigh....

And now, I have received several calls from the same high risk team at the big hospital I don't like (new name Big Ass Mean Hospital see below), telling me that they have set up multiple appointments with some OB I've never heard of, and appointments with cardiologists (?) and hematologists(?), and integrated prenatal screenings with other clinics I've never ever heard of, all without my knowledge. I keep trying to cancel the appointments and tell them I ALREADY have a high-risk OB and an appointment for a nuchal test, and an appointment for an amniocentesis but they really don't seem to want to listen. Instead the just keep tsking me and telling me they know what I need, and I should just show up and do what I'm told.

I had to muffle my laughter, since doing what I was told and assuming Doctors have brains, just got me dead babies in the past. And you know, I'm hoping for a live one at this point, so I just might question a few of these guys. Maybe?

So if any of you have ever heard of those stories about waiting lists, I'm thinking that this just might be the reason why that happens. Yes, you heard it here first, my name has spontaneously appeared on every damn appointment list in town, including ones for hips, MRIs, brain surgery, and obstetrics. I'm trying to cover my bases, and therefore screwing it up for all of you!

I have to phone everybody back now, again, and cancel for the 4th or 5th time. Sigh....

So, this morning I spoke to the scumbag Triage nurse for the special pregnancy program at the Big Ass Mean Hospital (BAMH), and she yelled at me continuously for 10 minutes while complaining bitterly that she had done all this work setting up appointments and that she did not believe that I was being taken care of properly. And everytime I did explain that I already had a cardiologist, and I didn't need to see a hematologist because the last two hematologists I saw knew nothing about my genetic fibrolynitic disorder and still had the nerve to bill OHIP for a consult, yet, ended the interview saying, "Well, thanks anyway, I've learned a lot from you today, Ms. Cotta."

Umm, yah---and exactly why wasn't I paid for this instead of you asshole?

So, Nurse Scumbag was even more unhappy about that and decided that I should simply come in on Thursday anyway and see this other high-risk Doc and consult with him and clear it all, because after all, what if I had missed something? This from the hospital that always treats me like crap whenever my babies die....and certainly does nothing to prevent them from dying, because you know, they tend to MISS the signs until it's too late. Stupid bastards.....anyway, I'm going to get to see my placental specialist at 16 weeks (note to those of you keeping score at home-by 16 weeks a placenta has long ago fully formed and cannot be fixed, or healed or altered in any way - much too late for them to see me or help me.) Again, I am so so glad that except for a few consult appointments, I'm going to be at my favourite Women's Hospital. It isn't perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than this craphole.

I've been crying now for an hour since she yelled at me. I'm tired. I need to lie down with a cold cloth on my face.


  1. Your friend sounds....exasperating. Hopefully it was just temporary insanity due to PMS.

    I actually forgot about Catherine's appt today! Now the butterflies in my stomach are hopped up on crack.

  2. I've been thinking about Catherine too.

  3. I've been jumping the queue quite a bit this year via the dead baby people so I am not surprised you are straight to the front. How the hell did they find out you were pregnant? You told The Guru didn't you?

    I just came from a very nice meeting with him and am slightly suspicious that someone was speaking to his lawyer. Did you know that Dr T has never, ever before made a mistake? In seriousness though I think you were right about Julia being a miracle. Even if that is a slight exaggeration it seems he is not often wrong.

    Obviously question away though. Gawd I would love to hear one of those conversations. Pretty nice of you to call and cancel and not waste our tax dollars bc of their fkups. Thanks.

  4. Well, at least the phoning thing is keeping you busy. Your friend, however, seems to need a gentle whack upside the head.

    Thinking of Catherine too. Refreshing all the time.

  5. At least the docs are sending your for tests, even if you don't need a hip replacement or a boob job.

  6. Please record some of those phone calls for us... think of it as a public service - comic relief AND an education in self-advocacy.

  7. Lisa,

    Actually it wasn't anything to do with the Guru's office, completely separate bunch of fuckups.

    You know, he's not the only one at that hospital! (grin)

  8. I've only just seen your update. Sweet Bibbity-Babbity, what was wrong with that woman??!

    I'm sorry: I hope you're feeling better now.

  9. I have that competition with my sister on the my parenting is better than yours crap. Hate it. Makes for interesting get togethers.

    Um, just direct RN scumbag to here.

  10. holy crap. I am so sorry.
    like you say you haven't missed anything - they have.
    same beotch won't book my friend to see the placeta guy until too late either. WTF is the point of that?

  11. Your 'friend' sounds like one you could lose and be better off for the loss.

  12. asshole healthcare providers, just what you don't need. I hope they go away and leave you alone soon.

  13. Ugh, I didn't see the update. I can't believe the nurse was so mean. Good for you for holding your own. And sticking w/the docs you know and trust.

    Hugs and smooches

  14. I knew there was a reason I hated that hospital...