Monday, November 12, 2007

Did you know?

...that all the answers to life can be found in Postsecret and The West Wing series?

Just kidding....sort of.

This Sunday's Post Secret was pretty good, I always get something out of it, even if the postcards of the week don't necessarily fit my particular life stress. And every once in awhile, I get a hit of joy.

This week, there was a postcard that quoted the book of Isaiah "I will even make a way in the wilderness." Someone had written on it, "My Pastor always talks about how if people would find God, they wouldn't need pills. I'm Bipolar, but took his advice....My Pastor is an idiot!!!"

And all I could think of is, yes, that pastor is an idiot. That poor person must have gone through hell off their meds.

Well there is an email reply today to that post card which I just loved.

Subject: God, not pills

Sometimes, God answers by giving us the tools to take care of ourselves.

Yes, yes he just might. I've found some good Doctors, fragmin, baby aspirin, antibiotics, and progesterone as some of my tools. I didn't have them before, and lots of people keep telling me they think it's unnatural to take them now. I can't tell you how many idiotic doctors have told me that progesterone causes masculinization of female babies genitals, something totally untrue, and completely awful to imply since a lack of progesterone can cause miscarriage and prematurity.

And implying (even based on crappy science) that it's better to be dead than intersex or transexual is disgusting.

Baby aspirin is completely safe throughout pregnancy and can reduce the risk of miscarriage and preeclampsia. Extremely large doses aspirin and NSAIDS are different and can cause problems, but again, they are different drugs. And Fragmin? Low molecular weight heparin is incredibly safe during pregnancy, and unlike regular heparin, poses no risk of osteoporosis, something I'd be hyperalert to but still willing to risk. Meanwhile, I have friends who know nothing about medicine freaking out on me telling me how terribly dangerous heparin is, and that I could die of a hemorragic stroke, simply by taking it. My eyerolling is going right to the back of my head at this point people.

Odd part is that on the heparin, I have only a couple of bruises, no major bleeding during blood draws, and no bleeding during dental work. Except for the tiredness, I feel fantastic compared to my usual pregnancy hell. Normally, I'd be on the floor sick as a dog, but I'm not. Any chance the fragmin is making my blood clot normally during pregnancy, and if I was pregnant without it, I'd have too many clots, like I did with my last two losses?

I can't help but think, that maybe just maybe something is going to go right this time. Whether I credit doctors or DHEA or dumb luck, or God, or fate, something is very very different and I can't ignore that real physical change in my body this time.

Do I wish I'd had it before? Absolutely....but I can't change the past, and I can't change the fact that my Doctors didn't realize I needed it. Maybe they needed to listen to research and years of medical experience more and to idiots like this preacher less. Maybe conventional wisdom that says all medication is bad, and especially for pregnant women and the mentally ill, is just convention, and not any freakin' wisdom at all.

Maybe the right medication in the right circumstances is the best thing we can do for our health and our lives and by snubbing our noses at science and knowledge we are turning our backs on the greatest gift God has ever given us.

The gifts of intelligence and common sense.


  1. You know I agree with you.

    Cerclage or no, without progesterone shots I spent my pregnancy with Natan contracting and feeling like hell. This one I'm anxious as can be, but well, I have to admit that physically it's been a comparative breeze. Yay for progesterone.

    And clearly something is different for you as well - and if it's the heparin, well, thank whoever for that.

    Yay for intelligence, research, and a bit of common sense.

  2. " Sometimes, God answers by giving us the tools to take care of ourselves. "

    Totally agree. It reminds me of the old story/joke of a devout man who prays for God to save him during a flood. Three different people with three different modes of transportation present themselves to the man, but he waves them off saying that God will save him. When he drowns and meets God in Heaven, he says to God, "I thought you were going to save me!" And God replied: "didn't you get the cart/raft/boat I sent?"

    I wouldn't have my delightful son today if not for the miracle of science. I thank God for advancements in science and learning.

    Hope you're having a good day, and I'm wishing you all the best for a smooth pregnancy and delivery!

  3. It's such a sad sentiment that doctors suggest that a dead baby is better than an ambiguously sexed baby. So sad.

  4. Definitely agree with the giving us tools to help ourselves thing.


  5. Dr. S's crazy-religious aunt intially refused cancer treatment on the grounds that God would heal her. Her religious-but-sane children finally convinced her that God has inspired wisdom that led us to these medicines and it would be sacreligious to refuse the gift.

    My grandma's sister also died of pneumonia because she was a Christian Scientist and refused to take penicillin. My grandmother, may she rest in peace, told us it was the stupidest thing she'd ever heard.

  6. Just a hallelujah from the choir here.
    Your common sense seems pretty damned brilliant to me. I wish more doctors had it.

    It took me a minute to remember what postsecret was. At first I was worried it was some tv show I 'd been missing because if it is as good as the west wing then I gotta get me some o that.

  7. That was my first thought too-- tools, people, tools.

    Glad things are feeling different this time. Hope, hope, hope they stay that way all the way to a live baby.

  8. Tools are good. Good doctors are good. Magical thinking is good too.

    I'm rooting for you.

  9. Amen, sista! Modern medicine, intellingence, and creativity are all god-given gifts in my book. We practically have an obligation to use them.

  10. I am a very spiritual person with a lot of faith, but I really don't get people that believe God is directly responsible for the day to day events in our lives. Did God make me wait 6 years to have a baby and then laughingly throw me a brain tumour when he was born. What kind of God would that be. God gives us the strength, determination and intelligence to make our way through life. Good for you for knowing what is best for you and your baby.

  11. Without science, and the belief that God intends us to use our intelligence and knowledge for the betterment of mankind, I would not have any of my children. If I had believed my infertility was a "sign from God", there would be three fewer miracles in the world.

    I am so glad you are able to take your amazing wealth of knowledge and put it to such very, very good use.

  12. I couldn't agree with you more. People seem to forget that God gave humans Free Will -- things were ever changed from that point on.

    God does NOT have a hand in our every day to day lives, but I'm sure God had a hand in the way we have discovered medical advances, and more...

  13. I love post secret!! Thanks for your comment on my blog...I will celebrate my anniversaries with all of you on my blog for sure! I don't know why, but I just want my brother to care about it and I feel like he doesn't. Oh and the money...well, I paid a 40K student loan off. I still have money left though. Maybe I will take a trip. I'm taking a trip for Thanksgiving so as to avoid that holiday!