Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fuzzy thinking

Many fuzzy bunnies have been hopping around my head. I'm wiped tired, and unable to string a decent sentence together.

There are a dozen things I want to blog about and comment about, but none of them make any damn sense, because I want to blog about them, but I don't want anyone to KNOW I'm blogging about them. Kind of difficult on the internet, no?

Like some crazy Jesus freaks I found on the net, who believe in dominating their wives and hurting them and the wives think it's OKAY because they deserve it. (And no, this isn't consensual sex play, this has no safe words, it's just creepy.) Stockholm Syndrome personified. The ultimate trainwreck of all time. I swear if I could find these women in real life, I'd call 911 in a heartbeat. Blech, I have to stop thinking about this.

And then there is the infamous journalist wannabe mommyblogger who now has a kid going to school. She blogs under her own name, and unlike with us pseudononymous bloggers, I think she has a certain responsibility to shut up when she blogs about someone she knows, because she and her blog target could be recognized by others. I take great care to not identify anyone by name unless they are a public figure and a fair target. IMO, any logical person would try to be nice to the other parents, and say nothing about the teachers and school on her blog that wasn't perfectly lovely.

But not her....instead my dear friend got blogged about and denigrated for asking this woman to be the parent class rep. and possibly volunteer for various school trips, skating, etc. Now, lots of parents don't volunteer at the school, and lots of people don't want to be involved, but what's the harm in politely asking? They asked everybody else. Like SHE'S so special?

I guess to a woman who truly never wanted to be pregnant or have a child and has written about her disgust and dislike for the entire process in the newspapers for years, it makes sense that she wouldn't actually want to be involved with her kid's school. And no---she didn't write the stuff we write, like wow, I love my kids, but geez this part is hard/frustrating/boring, yadda, yadda. Instead she has used her kid for column and book fodder like so much trash. Like? She hired a nanny full-time right away so wouldn't have to actually change a diaper or make a bottle, and wrote about it. She refused to even attempt breastfeeding because she didn't want saggy breasts. (She has them anyway...she'd fail the pencil test by a mile.) She asked for a medically unnecessary c-section because she didn't want to her vagina to stretch out. (Who cares about the whole dead baby risk of medically unneeded c-sections, having a dead kid is no big whoop, right my friends? *eyeroll*) Once, as a bet, a bunch of us scanned through all her columns and books, and did not read one complimentary, kind, loving word about her daughter until the kid was nine months old!

This woman truly makes motherhood sound worse than the Bataan Death March.

Anyway, some of you will know who I'm talking about, if you want confirmation, leave your email in the comments, or email me and ask. Don't write her name in the comments. I'm not linking to her---because someday her daughter will learn how to use Google, and discover Mommy Dearest never actually gave a shit about her except to make a quick buck. Well, it won't be from this blog.

And yes, in case you are wondering, my daughter Mira would be the same age as her daughter is now, except that she died. The irony.....


  1. Poor kid :-(

    I guess it doesn't make any sense to me since I spent my whole life wanting to be a mommy...

  2. Whoa, that's terrible. Of course I have no idea who she is, but I cannot imagine having to face her regularly. I feel for her daughter.

  3. I know exactly of whom you speak. I have read a few of her columns but absolutely refuse to buy her book... or even borrow it from the library.

    She is a class-A spoiled brat. I would, however, love if you would be so kind as to email me the link to her blog. I've got enough pregnancy hormones running through my system to tell her exactly what I think.

    Some people truly do not deserve to have children.

  4. Oh Aurelia
    I try try try to understand how she justifies writing about her child like that and I cannot. I try to respect her choices but really I feel the way you do. I just don't get it.

    It is heartbreaking that your Mira would have been the same age.

    Her globe column is a pathetic piece of advertising.

  5. I'm curious in the same way that people slow down for a car accident....please prevent me from buying her book by mistake.

  6. I have absolutely no clue who you're talking about and I don't want to find out, because it would just give her more of the attention she's so obviously seeking. But I'm still laughing at your comment that she'd fail the pencil test by a mile.

  7. Wow. And she had her child and didn't abort, because ????

    People like her, I am happy to say, I can't relate to. I pity her poor child.

  8. I have never been the same since discovering the Christian Domestic Discipline people. I can't stop thinking that I should do something to rescue them.

    I know exactly who you mean. You have to deal with her in person? Don't give out her blog address without the link to the parody site. They really must be read together.

  9. There's a parody site too?!?

    She sounds dreadful.

  10. Megan, I can't find your email, but there's a New York Times article as well. Google it.

    And, hey, I was trying not to make it easy for those crazy people to find my blog, sigh. Oh well, hopefully, they have better things to do than google that subject, like escaping. I just don't have the mental or emotional energy to deal with them right now while pregnant.

  11. Heh, sorry. They refuse to escape. In fact, they are upset at the idea that anyone would try to rescue them (they call it "tracking them down"). I think they're mad at me for writing about them.

    I have the NYT article and the parody site linked on my blog. That woman offends me as a mother, a Canadian and a writer.

  12. OH. MY. GOD. Read her blog and the parody. I am very, very disappointed the universe allowed her to procreate and exploit.

    And doubly sucks that her kid is at your school.

  13. I am restraining myself from going over to Megan's and learning who you are all talking about. I am a bit volatile at the moment.
    But not all is lost-- I giggled at the pencil test remark, and am still giggling. So I must not have fallen off the deep end yet.

  14. Unfortunately, I think I know *EXACTLY* who you are talking about. And yeah, she sucks.

    But there is a PARODY SITE?!?! OMG, where, where?!?! I MUST read THAT!!!! ;) LOL

    Please email me the link!!

    Sorry that you have to deal with her IRL -- I actually didn't know she was back in Ontario?!?

  15. It is so difficult to see someone not appreciate what they have. This woman sounds superficial and frankly, quite shallow. What a shame that her daughter will always be subjected to that personality whether or not the woman documents it through her publications or not. So sad.

  16. Christ.

    What an objectionable human being. She gets paid for that drivel? I hate people who think kvetchy/uninvolved parenting is 'hip'... There's no justice in the world...

    And on that note, I don't know WHAT to say about the Christian Domestic Discipline people...

  17. Uhm, what's the pencil test??

    And who is this???

    Sorry, I'll go back to quietly lurking.

  18. Ally, the pencil test is when you stand up straight, and naked above the waist, and put a pencil under the bottom edge of your breasts.

    If it drops, you pass. And hey, no biggie if you don't. I'm just saying that if happens because of pregnancy, not breastfeeding.

    I'll email you the site.

  19. I had no idea there was a parody site. . .

  20. She *ahem* actually sounds like one of my nearest & dearest... She is Professionally Cranky & Cynical, esp in regards to her accidental pregnancy & its result, her 7-yr old daughter!
    I will go back & read more of course, but it struck me as An Act!