Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Happy Thankful Day

At the ultrasound this morning, the baby, (now named DinkyPie by the Boys, yes, I know....but they get to contribute something here, so I can't say no), anyway, DinkyPie was moving, but only after we joggled and jostled my stomach ridiculously. Turns out that although I ate a sugary breakfast, it was 2 hours before the appointment, and my apple juice bought in the lobby hadn't hit my stomach yet.

So DinkyPie slept and slept, until roughly woken up, by me laughing at Mr.Cotta. My crazy husband was wearing a red clown nose he had hidden in his coat pocket just in case I needed to be jollied out of the doldrums.

And DinkyPie kicked it's little legs!!!!

That put me in a really great mood for the rest of the day. So much so, that I decided to simply give in and buy some actual maternity clothes, especially pants. I had taken my old maternity clothes out of storage on Monday, and went through all the boxes of stuff. I discovered lots of good things, like two different dressy party outfits, one for winter, one for summer, several maternity tops, all in good condition, and still in fashion, lots of floaty summer dresses I pray I'll still need next spring and lots of little things, like skirts and underwear and things like bra extenders & tights, and of course, an all weather coat in case of rain or wind.

A pretty good haul acquired over 5 pregnancies with weight gain----until I took inventory of the pants. All narrow at the bottom & totally unusably ugly; the piece de resistance? A pair of shiny polyester stirrup pants! 1990's here we come baby! Sigh....

The only nice ones were one pair of boot cut black jersey pants, which I had loaned out to a friend, and got back----with the crotch worn out, completely, like with a giant see-through thin spot/almost hole. And no, I'm not going to even THINK about how that occurred. Shudder. Tossed in the garbage....

I've been wearing a couple of larger pairs of pants I bought with JuliaKB when she and Niobe came up to visit Toronto. Very trendy and nice that day, but lately, they were getting a bit small. Like, I couldn't do them up, I could only fasten the tops with an elastic through the button hole, and if I bent over the wrong way, serious plumber butt was at risk. So that plan could not continue.

So, with today's perfect U/S report in hand, I went off shopping to the maternity store and spent waaaayyyyyy too much money. Like enough to jinx/magical think/freak out everyone reading and myself too. I'll probably wig out tomorrow, and it's your job to remind me that my placenta doesn't give a damn if I've bought out half the store, right? RIGHT, RIGHT?

Best case scenario, I'll be comfortable, and look nice, and today, no worst case scenarios discussed. I've been giggling like a idiot ALL day, I'd like this nice warm fuzzy feeling to continue.

Of course, the Doctor and the ultrasound tech at my appointment were acting surprised that I was stressed, trying to be reassuring, "of course it's fine, good strong heartbeat, blah, blah, blah," and I had to remind them that for me the most stressful time is coming, since my latest history is losses at 12 weeks, and 15 weeks (discovered at 16 weeks). Well, today we're just not thinking about that right now. That can wait for next week, right?

Today is for being thankful for kicking legs and warmly covered butts.

And tomorrow is for shopping at the Ashley Sale. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!


  1. YAY. Placentas have no idea what you are wearing. It makes no difference to them, they do not believe in magic.

    I have a pair of seven maternity jeans looking for a good home if you didn't purchase more pants than you can ever wear.

    I forgot about the Ashley sale ....hmmm

  2. No worst case scenarios discussed....great plan!
    Way to ride the ride.

  3. Yay!

    I think I might have to visit a maternity shop tomorrow. My clothes that fit are getting fewer and fewer.

  4. So far so good, really happy for you! And the worrying never ends as you say :) XXX

  5. Best news all week! Good job Mr. Cotta, by the way. I have a great big smile on my face. I'd have loved to see you in those stirrup pants.

    Have fun with more shopping.

  6. Ooo, I wish I could come shopping with you. I am stuck in magical thinking right now. So while I sometimes google maternity clothes, I can't bring myself to actually buy anything. But, I am nowhere near showing yet, so I guess I have a little time. So far, my buffet pants are working fine.

  7. Good for you. I don't allow myself any optimism at all, so I'm always impressed by those who give in to hope, however cautiously.

  8. Oh yeah! Maternity clothes shopping is fun, once you get over the magical thinking bit. Which store did you hit? MM, or TM? Or something else exclusive and pricey?

  9. Wonderful, wonderful news!! If I do meet Mr. Cotta one day, I expect to see a red clown nose! :)

  10. Aurelia, I'm so happy to see that your pregnancy is going well. You so deserve to have it run smoothly.

  11. Even though I was upset that the co-worker never returned the maternity clothes I loaned her, I guess that most would be out of style after almost 7 years....

    Maybe you could bring stirrup-pants back in style, singlehandedly?

    Nah. It's way better to shop!

  12. YAY for a great u/s. I am so happy for you! congratulations