Friday, November 02, 2007

late again

I was thinking about posting for NaBloPoMo, but then I realized that every single deadline I've ever been given in life I've missed.

So here we are, Nov.2nd, my first post, a day late. Can you say, "ADD"?

To be honest, I'm a little blah. Only two comments on my last post? I haven't had that few in a quite a wee while. I guess you guys really really don't enjoy when I talk politics, or relate the personal to politics.

I know---you're into va-jay-jays more. Don't worry, I'm sure there will be a crisis with my uterus of death soon.

I'm too tired to delete that right now. Yes more "inappropriate verbal impulsivity".

Sooo, yes, my new couch arrived, and so did the coffee table. The couch is great. We may need to buy another section to insert on one end, because we have the space. I'm waiting to decide. The coffee table is going back to the store. I'm supposed to assemble it myself! And it was supposed to be real wood, and it's got a chipboard core! For $600 freakin' dollars? No, no, no, if I want off-gassing chipboard, made in China, that I have to bloody well assemble myself I'm going to Ikea and paying waaaaay less than that, thanks.

Oh, the kids had great fun on Halloween, and are now crashing from the sugar high from hell. They wandered around tonight, whining, crying, and sadly moaning about various inconsequential things, and finally went to bed after I pointed out that eating a hundred pounds of sugar in 24 straight hours might be affecting their mood, and perhaps they'd like to sleep it off?


This weekend the Halloween Fairy comes to my house, and intends on buying as much candy as she can afford. Bribery, theft, and pointed negotiating skills are involved as she seeks to reduce the family dental bill to a figure BELOW the gross national deficit of the U.S. of A. (You'd be stunned to know just how much candy an 11 year old boy can collect in a giant Costco reusable bag. I'm going to have pay through the nose.)

And since the FoodBank won't take this crap, it will go in the garbage unless some willing soul wants it. (They insist on real food donations only, guess my Marie Antoinette impression will have to wait....)*

*I'm giving them a cash donation, equivalent to the amount of money the freakin' Tories are trying to give us as a tax break. Makes me feel slightly better, anyway.


  1. What can I say? Canadian politics... it's so far away, and there's enough politics where I'm resident, where I'm a citizen, and in the US at the moment. Not that it's less important stuff going on in Canada, but I'm pretty much lost at sea with who's whom, doing what.


  2. Sorry, I'm not much into my own politics here in France and then I have to keep up with the British end too, comes with being an ex-pat, so add Canadian politics to the pot and I have nothing to comment on!

    However, your coffee table story, I'm glad you gave it back for chipboard at that price! I bought a cheap cupboard for the inside of my bedroom cupboard made from lovely chipboard and how I wish I'd bought real wood! The smell of all that melamine toxins does my head in but I didn't pay any where near 600 bucks for it so I may just throw it out one day and not feel it!


  3. Poor Canada....I'm certainly interested in my neighbor's politics, so I'll just plead plain laziness.

    I can't believe the coffee table has chipboard. That's not real furniture! How funny that you buy candy. My dad used to just take a lot of it away during the "safety" check. I didn't mind so much since so much of it is, yech, chocolate....

  4. I'm actually interested in hearing about other countries' politics, but I'm not sure if I really have anything to add without sounding like an idiot or just comparing them to American politics, about which I always assume (perhaps wrongly) that people from other places already know as much or as little as they want to know.

    My mother's strategy for dealing with leftover Halloween candy didn't involve money. It was: "Why don't we freeze your candy so it will keep better?" We couldn't snack on the frozen candy and, somehow, we never seemed to learn that the candy would, over the next few weeks, gradually vanish from the freezer.

  5. It has been so ingrained in my not talk politics or religion...that I simply run the other direction when someone brings up either subject (which is quite hilarious in some social makes my husband laugh).

    Sorry 'bout the table. I hope you find a replacement that you like.

  6. I don't have to buy the candy - yet. My husband just eats it. And poof, it's gone.

  7. I love the idea of a Halloween Candy Fairy. Never heard of it before. I have noticed that my friends often bring in their kid's candy to work and subject us all to tooth decay. So evil.

  8. I have never heard of a Halloween fairy before either. I would come eat if for you, but if I gain another pound, I will explode.

  9. I like your idea about the food bank donation. I've been thinking somewhat along those lines since I was ranting about my child tax credit and my husband told me to give it away where I thought it would help.

  10. Well, I'm just late in general. I'm amazed that you even considered blogging every day, like, HELLO????

  11. Actually the reason I like this blog is because it is political. And it's personal. And it bridges the political personal divide.