Thursday, November 15, 2007

The long long day

Today we had an ultrasound at 8:15 am, (I did NOT make the appointment time, btw) meaning that in order to drop the kids off at school and get parked and into the high-risk fetal assessment unit, we had to arrange for the kids to be watched at school extra early, eat breakfast, get dressed, and pack skating equipment, hockey equipment, lunches, homework, and gym clothes, in the car by 7:30 am.

Gahhhhhhhhhhhh, too much stress. I have only been in the house for a few minutes today. Not enough rest.

We finally arrive for the US a few minutes late, and the nasty receptionist makes us wait 10 minutes longer, then allows another woman who came later to go in front of us! And she was only there for a vanity scan, with her parents! Plus she was 30 weeks pregnant, pretty damn viable compared to me, her baby was moving a lot, perfectly fine, AND she had the nerve to complain that since she had only had coffee for breakfast so she wasn't sure they could do the scan, and she refused to go drink some juice because she wasn't sure she could get anything kosher. I mean, FUCK, last time I checked it was pretty damned unlikely that orange juice could break a dietary law, and frankly the life and health of your baby should always out rank a religious rule, but if you are THAT committed to a Kosher diet, perhaps you could make sure there were some snacks in your Prada purse or the pockets of your designer maternity outfit?

Or say....maybe just because you are lucky enough to be 30 weeks pregnant with a live baby and perfectly capable of eating, you COULD EAT FUCKING BREAKFAST YOU UNGRATEFUL HO.

You may wonder how I handled this, and no I didn't say what I wanted to, instead I just started to cry right there in the waiting room. Really really cry. My sweet husband held my hand, and patted my shoulder, and many many many minutes later we finally got in to see our ultrasound tech.

The baby has a heartrate of 178 bpm, and is now 3.67 cm long. Which is good, and my own blood pressure is good, and Fred the fibroid is the same or ever so slightly shrinking. The baby was not moving at all, which freaked me out, since it should be moving on ultrasound at 10 weeks, 3 days, but everyone said he/she was sleeping.

So I'm hoping.

In the meantime, I've decided I'm no longer going to wait in any of the damn waiting rooms they have there. I'd rather stand in the hallway. Unless----they start a waiting room for pregnant women who actually give a shit about the life and health of their babies, as opposed to the waiting rooms they have now, which are filled with women who only care about their clothes or squealing about the cute 3D pictures they want to get.

I don't wish these women or their babies a fate like mine, but in all honesty, someone needs to slap some sense into them. They simply don't get it, and they never ever will, and my resentment at their overwhelming sense of privilege sucks all the happiness out the few moments of joy I actually get in this pregnancy.

I have to find a way to ignore them or someday I will slap them IN REAL LIFE. And this baby will be born in prison. Shit.


  1. Yay!
    Try to really focus on that short term goal of not going to jail.
    I didn't really realise at the time but now that you mention it there were no giddy pregos where I ended up at 18+ weeks in the holy-shit-wtf-is-going-on clinic. Which is lucky because I would have told them things that would have made them cry, or slapped them.
    Again Kudos to you for not slapping that beotch.

  2. No one needs to drink before an ultrasound at 30 weeks - she was clearly uninformed.

    On the other hand, although I understand why it upset you, it doesn't sound like what she did was all that bad & women do normally have scans throughout their pregnancies... My sister invited me to one of hers. You also never know, maybe hers is an IVF baby after a bunch of years (no one suspected that of me when I was 24...)

  3. Rachel,

    I should explain that I was most upset that she butted in line ahead of me when she clearly was not an emergency.

    And yes, I didn't blow up on the off chance I was wrong.

    But while she isn't required to drink water before a 30 weeks ultrasound, she is required to drink juice or something sugary prior to a biophysical profile ultrasound, because they are trying to measure movement. It says so on the requisition.

    I actually don't have a problem with family being there, it's just that those kind of scans aren't done at this clinic, but at other outside clinics, for average pregnant women. So, if I ever stay pregnant long enough to invite my kids, I would never take them to that clinic waiting room.

    Anyway, if she was an IVF patient, she sure acted like this baby was an imposition on her life, a rather odd attitude. And I'm sure you or I never would act that way.

  4. Please, please, please stay out of jail.

    I understand. But NO slapping!

  5. Ha ha ha, I'm laughing! You crack me up! You are still in my prayers!

  6. You'll only get an ultrasound once a month in jail. Just so you know.

  7. Staying out of jail seems like a good plan. Cause packing hokey and skating equipment while you are locked up? Tricky. And the whole ultrasound thing...

  8. She probably got pregnant the first month she tried (if she was even trying), saw a positive pregnancy test and created her baby registry, and will have a perfectly healthy baby after a complication-free pregnancy.


    I am sure her coffee was caffeinated, too.

    She is lucky because she will probably never "get" it. I am jealous at the same time I want to smack her into next week.

  9. it's not worth the jail time. rise above it and think evil thoughts about her instead. better, let us think evil thoughts about her.

    continued good luck to you and tiny.

  10. Let the sleepy baby be. I remember my doctor using that weird vibrator thing and to see the little start XBoy would get....much like hearing your alarm go off two hours early. Sucks.

    And since everything else looks good (barring the selfish bitch who budged in line), it's ALL good.

  11. When I went to the ultrasound that revealed that deadbaby2 had expired at 9w, there was a heavily pregnant woman weeping in the lobby. My heart stopped – I thought she must have been told the baby had died at term, a pain I know all too well.
    I lurked and heard her on her cell phone – she was despondent because the baby was breech and she would have to have a C-section.
    I went from wanting to hug her to wanting to slap her upside the head.
    No jury that included ME would send you to jail for that, Aurelia.

  12. Aurelia,
    Since this is my first post in a million years on your blog I have to first say congrats on the pregnancy, and I'm glad things are going well so far.

    This post is awesome. You say what the rest of us are feeling and thinking. That woman just sounds awful. I had to work with one of those. She and I were pregnant at the same time, me with my sub-bub. She actually started crying to me one day about how unprepared the nursery was. I think she was about 30 weeks along. I think what I said was something like this: "I'm not really worried about the nursery. If this baby lives, then I'll have my mom and sister help me with it."

    Gahhhh is right! Good for you for keeping it together. Hope next time is easier!

  13. I can't believe you are 10 weeks already.

    Jail might not be the best place to give birth, I would think a hosptial might be better.

  14. That is a great heartrate!

    Yeah, what a bitch. Oh well. It is difficult to 'rise above' sometimes. Why is it always us who has to do the rising, eh? (*&#^@&^@%@

  15. I didn't realize she had butted in front of you... that would have made me mad too (then again, in Israel people stand up for themselves more than in the US & so they'd expect me to force my way in ahead if I were first...) We don't have that type of scan, where they measure movement - just on the monitor & then they usually send the husbands to go buy chocolate if the baby isn't moving enough (really).