Monday, December 17, 2007

I went to bed panicking last night after seeing the car so heavily buried in snow, and realizing that some horrible person had STOLEN our good shovels. They left us with one crappy broken one. WTF?

In Canada, that is the equivalent of declaring war. It is absolutely never ever ever done. It's just wrong. Like stealing water in a desert. And in downtown TO, snow's a real problem anyway since we have no where to put the snow with our tiny narrow lots, and back laneways, and the fact that we have no ditches, no strip of grass between sidewalks, and for us, no garage. And unlike other municipalities like Ottawa or Montreal, our city does not take away the snow in dump trucks and put it on fields or in rivers. Instead they just pile it on sidewalks and hope no one sees it. Rather inane when it piles 6 feet high....

My husband took the boys in to school by subway, I am screwed for getting groceries, and Christmas shopping, and going into see my Doctor and doing every other damn thing I needed to do today. And for various reasons, like my amnio Wednesday, and tomorrows hair appointment, today is the last full day I have to do anything substantial like shop.

And do you think my bloody husband and sons actually shovelled anything necessary yesterday? Oh no..........THAT would be sensible. Instead they shovelled the front walk and steps. A place only the postman ever goes. And no other soul on earth. We go out the back to our car parked in the laneway, or we walk down the laneway, to the main road. The front door is basically decoration. Useless and now fully shovelled, using the shovels of neighbours who kindly loaned us theirs. Someday someone has to explain the point of having male children and being married to a male if they don't actually do what they are supposed to, namely, kill vermin, shovel snow, and protect their pregnant wives and mothers.

I have never felt so vulnerable and trapped in my life. I hate this. I want to have another full-blown tantrum. It won't help the situation, but it might make me feel better.

(I just got an email from him, and it took 45 minutes to get a train, hellllooooo, I told him so!!!! Always always always take the car in this eyes have rolled so far back in my head I am now looking out the back of my neck! Worse, Kaz is going to be very very late for his bus to go on a school trip to see a play downtown. This whole thing is a utter complete disaster.)


  1. Heh. I *always* do all the shoveling at our place. Though, admittedly, we undoubtedly have much less snow than you do.

  2. This is why I live where there is no snow. Because I have a feeling that I would be doing all the shoveling too. I already do all the lawn mowing.
    Sorry your husband forgot to get hit by the clue bat.

  3. I had a brilliant comment and my computer ate it. Bah.

    But I cannot believe that someone stole your shovels. What an ass!

    Call me... I can't find your number anywhere.

  4. Men. Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em.

    I find that comment about "always take the car" in the snow to be really counterintuitive - I always think the opposite. Interesting.

  5. I can't believe someone stole your shovels! How obnoxious. I think this is why I will also live in a condo with garage parking. I don't want to shovel and I don't want to mow, ever. Call me lazy I suppose. I just like to have these things done for me, and men are obviously not reliable!

  6. Ha ha -- although I know it's not very damn funny!
    A tale from the warmer climes: w/a cold front blowing through, DH decided to fire up the woodburning stove Sat afternoon... However, w/strong winds gusting > 30 mph, I came home to a house full of smoke! I am taking away his matches for the time being, & hope & pray my new housekeeper will come back (bless her heart, she was trying to make the house smell less like a brush fire!)...

  7. Taking a woman's shovel is war, I must say. And, I wish we could be near each other, because I am on the verge of a tantrum as well. Although, my reasons (which are none) aren't nearly as good as yours. I hate being trapped in the house for any reason. I don't suppose there are any neighbor kids you could pay off to do some shoveling?

  8. I with Magpie. Public trasnportation in our area is always best.

    Now does this give you good reason to order a snow blower? Where are the negihborhood kids, when you and I grew up, that went around knocking on doors to clear the snow to make xtra dollars?

  9. Suddenly, kansas ice storms don't seem so bad. (cause now its 40 degrees and melting).

    Theives suck.

  10. I have a good shovel you can borrow. Well, not you, but Mr. Cotta!!

  11. you can borrow our good shovels, but it's a bit of a shlep to come get them.
    Your men sound related to my FIL, at least as far as the doing completely useless shoveling and not the useful things is concerned. Hope they got around to doing actual helpful things tonight.
    For Christmas shopping, I hear this new invention, the intertubes, is pretty good. Even for those on bed rest.