Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm a mess

I'm tired, confused, disorganized, and feeling blecch.

I have been feeling very very weird lately. My uterus has been doing this odd thing where it feels kind of like it's tightening, almost like Braxton-Hicks, except that it's too early for that at 13 weeks. It's not painful, at all, and it's not making me breathless or anything dramatic, it's just a bit noticeable.

My doc said it was okay as long as I keep taking my progesterone and feel no pain. So I relaxed, until I started to to get little stabbing pains sort of in my bladder/uterus area. Kind of freaky...they weren't cramps either, but they weren't my imagination. I thought I had another UTI, but nooo instead I get a prize, a yeast infection not just in the regular area, but as a UTI as well.

Which makes it a challenge to treat. Cause it's hard to get monistat inside your bladder to cure the yeast in it. Anyway, I'm on diflucan, a small dose, just enough to cure it. And thank God for Motherisk, who were able to tell me it was safe to take. Geez they kick ass....

Now if I could just keep the rest of my life together. I'm not sure I can handle Christmas preparations this year. Can we delay it a little while, please???? Pretty please??? Yawwnnn


  1. Gawd woman can you catch a break?
    At the very least go lie down.

    Had to laugh at the image of trying to get monistat into your bladder. Ain't motherhood glam?

  2. Yikes, yeasty bladder! That sucks.

    Hoping the diflucan does the trick soon and you are feeling much better. Don't forget to eat that yummy yogurt to help get those good bugs living down under.

    I vote a minimalist themed xmas for you this year!

  3. If you've read my blog, you know my feelings on Christmas this year.

    As for your yeast infection... geezus, woman, haven't you had enough stuff happen to you? It's time the Universe gives you a very big break.

    Sending positive thoughts...

  4. oh, yuck. Me and yeast only get along when they are on petri dishes in my lab. Or when they are in my beer. You know, when I am in control.
    Good luck kicking their collective ass.

  5. Delegate. Order your presents on-line and have them gift wrapped. And make your husband and kids do the decorating.

    Sorry about the uterus and the yeast infection. Yuck.

  6. You're talking to the Grinch here, so no sympathy there. Sorry for the yeasties. Could the feelings be RLP? Sometimes they have a way of creeping upward.

  7. Ouch, so sorry!

    Aurelia, I have seen some seriously sage advice penned by you in comments to a blogger who just had a baby and was feeling overwhelmed by the sheer load of everything. Paraphrasing you here, but you said "Don't do thank-you cards, don't do dishes, don't do the cooking and laundry. Just sit down and rest."

    This strikes me as EXCELLENT advice for certain pregnant ladies who are feeling under the weather and worried in this holiday season, too!

  8. Yeah, I agree. Sit your ass down. Everything else is not important.

  9. Ack. Nasty little infection. Glad you've got a diagnosis and treatment plan.


  10. Thank you all, I think you are right.

    Yes, Wabi, I need to take that sage advice.

    Maybe I'll actually go to bed early tonight...hmmm, BED.

  11. Chiming in to agree that most of the Christmas-related stuff can be forgone. There's always next year.

  12. Ewww, yeast. I'm sorry to hear it.

    I agree with everyone else. Sit yo' ass down, order some gifts online, and offer the boys a prize for the best Christmas decorating job.