Monday, April 07, 2008

Brains have arrived, in more than one sense

N. got discharged, but is seeing the specialist today and his pediatrician who will be very aggressive in demanding more tests and answers. (BTW, yes, it might have been a TIA, but I called a mini-stroke simply to encompass all the possibilities, they are now looking at a hemiplegic stroke diagnosis as another possibility).

And God do I feel for his mom. Her boyfriend of eight months, a really nice mature guy, a guy in upper level management of the police force actually, picked this weekend to break up with her. She also mentioned to me various things he has done and said in the last few weeks that are frankly so awful, that I have to retract that nice and mature label...bastard, after she told me what had been happening I was so livid, I handed the phone to Mr.Cotta, who listened, turned pale, and promptly apologized on behalf of his ENTIRE gender.

No the boyfriend never hit her, but the things he said, the words he used, I can't even repeat on this blog, and you all know that I have a filthy mouth. Anyway, now I want to wrap her in a big hug made of cotton woolies and take care of her....and maybe slap the SOB in the face. THIS weekend, of all the weekends in the world? Sigh.....they say people show their true character in a crisis, I guess so.

This week, by the way, is moving and painting and shifting week. Preparing for the babies room. Not filling it with furniture mind you, but painting it. Very difficult, but really a good thing. I figure at 31 weeks, I can dare to paint, no? My organizer brought her crew and they are moving all the furniture and taking some stuff to storage and some other stuff to the dump, and a whole lot of stuff is getting packed to switch rooms. tomorrow painting begins.

I haven't picked the paint actually, terrible me can't decide what to paint the kids room, much less I have to go now and spin my finger at the paint store and hope my husband doesn't mind whatever I pick.

Then again, even if I picked a hideous color, he'd never call me names.

Did you ever suddenly realize that you were luckier than you thought? And some of your spouse's faults, however irritating, aren't really that bad? Where the hell are all the good men anyway? Did I find the last one on earth?


  1. If there is indeed a hell, I hope there's a special ring for men like that. Glad to hear the boy is out and on the mend, and that you're painting! (Gack)

  2. I enjoy picking colors. When I am not paralyzed by indecision, that is. :) But you are up against a hard deadline, so you will do what you must, I know.
    Glad N is on the mend, and that he is having aggressive follow-up.
    The boyfriend? T'fu on him!

  3. I was married to a cop the first time around. While he is an excellent, loving and wonderful father, he wasn't so nice to me. When we were in marriage counselling, the therapist told me that really good cops generally don't make really good spouses. I know there are exceptions to the rule, but I bet whatever he said to N's Mom wouldn't surprise me much.

    I hope she and N come out of this with flying colours and karma bites that sonofabitch right in the ass very soon.

    Hope to see pictures of the new colours, etc!

  4. Just came from the Lost and Found, and I'm so glad N is out of the hospital and has a doctor who is taking things seriously.

    I am glad to have found you again - I had come over once before from a comment you'd left somewhere, and then forgotten to add you to my blogroll. Your blog is great, and I love your writing. Cheers from a fellow appreciator of the Canadian medical system.

  5. what a jerk. in the long run i'm sure that she will be better off, but really now, it couldn't have waited?????

    i do have to admit that my hubby is an awesome guy. he's patient, generous and most of all calm. i don't know what i did to deserve him, but i'm definitely grateful!!!!!

  6. I am useless at picking paint colour. Someone always has to decide for me.
    Boyfriend is a total ass. People sure do show their true colours in a crisis. Given his line of work I would have expected a higher threshold for anxiety.
    My husband was one of the few at the hospital so I have to say it isn't surprising.

  7. Glad to hear that N seems to be headed toward an answer at least. What a jerk that guy was. Can I say now that I have never met a cop that I likes as a person. They all come off as macho jerks.

  8. I wish karma would come crashing down on MY ex-jerk's head sometime soon! [he toyed briefly w/the idea of becoming a cop but decided it was not financially lucrative enough to suit him]
    Poor N & poor mother-of-N...
    I think you DID find one of the last good ones; I'm feeling like a complete idiot in the relationship dept but too tired to post about it 2-night...

  9. Goodness, so sorry to hear about N. Please know that he is in my prayers.

    I hate to ask, but have the ruled out a brain tumor?

    Truthfully, I hope it was a freat occurence he is absolutely fine.

  10. Did you ever suddenly realize that you were luckier than you thought?

    Honestly? No. For me it's pretty much always exactly the opposite.

    But I'm very glad to hear you sounding so happy.

  11. So glad to hear that N is doing better. There really is a special place in hell for people who desert their loved ones in a time of need.

    Painting! I'm sure it'll look lovely. Besides, as far as I can tell, most men really really don't care. (Mine is a little colorblind to boot!) Will we get to see pictures?

  12. Aurelia, re: your friend's son who had the TIA/mini-stroke... it absolutely DOES happen to kids. Here are some links to more info in case it might help:

    My Dad had several strokes and TIAs before age 50, so I learned about the risks for my own health and for my kids. My blood clotting disorder puts us at greater risk (same as my Dad had). I hope that N. gets the best of care and that they can help him find the cause.

    And, can't wait for your projects to wrap up so you can enjoy the finished product!