Friday, April 18, 2008

My tummy feels better anyway

I got a different heartburn medication from my doc, and I swear it's like magic. No more pain, no more sour stomach, no more vomiting, and for the last two nights I actually got some sleep!!!!

Ahh, such a lovely feeling coming back to sanity. I am tired a bit, but now that everyone has a bed and proper sheets and rooms are getting set up, it's possible for me to rest a bit thank goodness. Back to slow and steady, not panicked and freaking.

That said, today is Mac's birthday. He is eight years old, a fact I just can't quite believe. Jesus...he's going to be EIGHT YEARS OLDER than this baby....I must be insane. Anyway, it occurs to me that I have never posted his birth story, so that might be the next post, maybe while he celebrates by playing with his new bionicles and nintendo Wii games.

I have spent the last two days by the way writing too many words about the comments on my last post, but I'm saving them in drafts until I figure what to edit. I can go on and on and on and on as you all know, but maybe all I need to say is this:

I want my OB, and I think patients' needs come first over personal lives, and anyone who disagrees with me can go suck a lemon. Pfffttttt

See? I just saved you 2000 words and an hour of your life you'll never get back.

Also I think this may all be moot because I'm feeling little electric shocks in my cervix, one of those signs that in me always leads to a slowly thinning cervix. It doesn't feel any shorter at this point, but since I'm having logistical issues reaching that part of my bod, I can't be sure. Crap....I may not get to wait til 38 weeks.

And of course he's not on this week or next, it's Passover, which seems to last a few days for all of you, but requires 2 weeks off for him. And no, he is not scrubbing anything, his wife is, so don't even think of trying to tell me he's busy on his hands and knees searching for crumbs or cooking up a storm.

That note of personal bitterness aside, Happy Passover to those of you who celebrate. If anything dramatic with my uterus happens over the weekend I'll post updates, but otherwise just assume I'm playing bionicles.


  1. Happy Birthday, Mac! Eight is such a great age.

  2. It's 8 days for all of us but lots of families go on vacation.

    Happy b-day Mac!

    I had 'lectric shocks w/Samuel & we see how my cervix behaved even post cerclage removal. That said, do pay attention.

  3. Ahh, well I still reserve the right to feel bitter in light of the fact that this is his umpteenth week of vacation so far and he took all of last week which as far as I can tell, wasn't Passover then. Bugger seems to think that every day is vacation day, sigh....

  4. Just think - in a few years, you'll have a built in babysitter?!

    Happy birthday to Mac.

  5. Just catching up. Glad your room is coming together. Would love to see house pics. Also glad your tum is not giving you too much grief anymore.


  6. A couple of nights sleep really make everything look better. Well, except the fact that you have an OB (an OB!) who is always on vacation.
    Here's hoping dinkypie stays put a little longer.

  7. Happy belated birthday to Mac, and happy sleeping again to you, Aurelia.
    Tell that cervix to quit being such a drama king. Sheesh. Like you don't have enough problems without it acting up.

  8. A big happy birthday to Mac!! And I am glad you are getting much needed sleep now. Not much longer for you. I tagged you if you have the time to play along.

  9. I'm such a worrier. Geez I hope your cervix is okay.