Sunday, August 31, 2008


I'm waiting for the kids to get off of a ride at Canada's Wonderland and it seems to be taking a million years for the guys to finish, so what the heck, why not post?

So it appears that there may be an election going on in Canada at the same time that the U.S. election is happening. I'm going to be working away on the election, likely a few Toronto candidates. I can't do a lot these days but I figure I can transport some signs and things for them in the mega vehicle, right?

I'll let you all know if the candidates have any special interest in issues I care about, like maternal infant fetal health, etc....should be interesting considering the recent scandal with listeriosis and Maple Leaf Foods.

Sooo, about Sarah Palin. My condolences to my U.S. friends. What a horrific situation. Nightmare candidate for anyone who cares about choice or any other women's issue. She is pretty much useless to every soccer mom who cares about good schools or prenatal care or health insurance.

But really I'm more concerned about her IQ or rather, lack of it. Most of my readers know the risks of preterm birth and high risk pregnancy. You know that a little over three months ago I almost died giving birth and Julius almost died as well. So how do you all feel about her? Knowing that while she was in a high risk pregnancy with her son, at eight months pregnant, she flew to a conference in Texas, her water broke, she then gave a 30 minute speech, FLEW ON A PLANE BACK TO FUCKING ALASKA, gave birth, then did multiple photo ops with her medically fragile preemie.

She keeps saying it was all about being pro-life, and I laugh because last time I checked plenty of pro-lifers were giving birth in Texas and she sure as hell exercised poor judgement getting on a plane with broken water.

Deadbaby mamas like me believe in choice, but once you've made the choice to have the kid it's time to suck it up and take care of the baby and yourself and fuck your career. Teleconferencing exists for a reason people.

I'd rather miss a meeting than bury a child myself.

What a moron....again my condolences to you all. Go Obama, please God save us from this twit!


  1. So pro choice only applies to women who would choose the same things as you not women who choose to do something different. That is so sad and is exactly why women will never be able to unite together to advance a cause like womens healthcare. Too many women who say they are prochoice are out criticizing and demeaning the women who exercised their right to choose life and control the medical decisions that involve their own healthcare.

  2. I respectfully have to take issue with this post as well. It's pretty harsh considering you really have no clue (nor do I) as to the medical advice she received at that particular time. I totally dig a strong discussion on issues, but actually find it sad to insult another's IQ based on a medical choice in this manner.

    Moving on...

    I don't really know much about Canadian politics, but I think it's interesting there's a potential election coming up. It might be pretty cool to read more of the Canadian blogger's takes on their politics. Get everyone heated up on both sides of the border. :)

  3. I'm not so concerned with how she handled her own pregnancy as I am with how she'll mandate we handle ours.

  4. I agree with Antigone. And it's a shame that the first commenter was too afraid to sign his/her name to the comment that in my opinion was pretty judgmental.

    This blog is written by a woman who has been through the unspeakable grief of losing babies. And it is read by many of us who have been through losing babies. It is hard for those of us who lost babies after the best possible care to watch someone like Palin put so little thought into their own emergency prenatal care...especially someone who is so adamant about the preciousness of life. She used poor judgment. Period. I doesn't take a doctor to tell an intelligent woman that broken water = imminent delivery and/or possible infection.

    Regardless of Palin's prenatal care, there are so many reasons why choice needs to remain legal in the U.S. and most of the hard-core pro-lifers I have heard speak do not consider the "other side". It's not just pregnant teenagers and women who are too lazy to use birth goes much deeper.

    I watched a good friend of mine make the heart-wrenching decision to terminate her pregnancy after learning that her unborn daughter had brittle bone disease. The baby was breaking bones in utero and faced terrible suffering if she were to make it beyond birth. Thank God she was able to exercise her choice to end the pregnancy instead of imagining how every movement was breaking another of her baby's bones.

    I get really angry when I hear smug pro-life activists tell us that it's cruel to end a pregnancy no matter what the situation is. What about women who could die if they don't? What if that baby is suffering horribly by a disease that there is no treatment for?

    All you have to do is ask our parents and grandparents what it was like before Roe/ the rich girls went to the Bahamas for "vacation" and those who couldn't afford it put themselves in incredible danger because they didn't have the choice. I don't believe that a woman shouldn't be responsible, but when she is forced to make the choice, she should be able to without the government hanging over her.

    I could go on forever...but the bottom line is, I don't like Palin. I feel that she would be taking women of this country a couple of huge steps backward. I have researched her and I disagree with many of her views. And I have a hard time understanding how so many republicans are pro-life, but they also support a war where our president is voluntarily sending our troops over to Iraq to die.

    I will be voting in November and it won't be for McCain.

  5. You can tell that the Canadian election is about to be called by the terrible sappy PC commercials featuring Harper. I am expecting them to claim that he will cure cancer and put a chicken in every pot.

  6. Wow. I've been puzzling for a few hours to respond to Anonymous, but what could I possibly add to Kathy McC?


  7. i agree with not on fire that the harper commercials are horrible! i'm sure that people in the spots were well compensated or drugged!

    palin freaks me out. it's definitely mccain showing desperation, in my opinion.

    the only thing that i'm sad about is that i won't be teaching about the canadian government since i'm changing grades in sept. i love to see how 10 year olds react to elections!

  8. You're reading too many rags. Though I don't agree with her politics, she did in fact give birth to that child. Today's news was released for the very purpose of quashing the rags and their rumors.

  9. all I know of this woman I read in the globe yesterday and I was thinking she was a little rock and roll to be honest. Kind of linking her and the 'first dude' at least she walks the talk right?
    but yeah, getting on the plane a bit reckless. Avoiding hospitals with NICUs. ditto.

  10. Wow, i had no idea that was the story.