Monday, August 11, 2008

My son has returned!!!!!!!

I am so so happy right now, because my son Kaz is back in my arms, black eyed, stitched, tanned, taller, thinner, and all in one piece thank the Gods!!!

We picked him up yesterday at the camp drop off, far north of here in the burbs, and yes we were able to avoid that crazy explosion that rocked the city, I guess that's the end of propane stations in Toronto, or hydrogen stations for that matter, and hydrogen cars. Time for electric methinks....

Good news: he had a wonderful time and wants to go back.

Bad news: he had a wonderful time and wants to go back.

Apparently, last year's camp was hell and this one was heaven. His exact words.

I lost the battle on him going to sleepaway camp, and Mr.Cotta won, but at least he is at a good camp this time and not a shitty one, and yes, I am trying to hold my head up high, and make the best of it.


Anyway, I'm trying to focus on my birthday tomorrow, because lordy lordy I'll be FORTY. I plan on having lunch with a really great old friend, and then shopping. I may still be out of shape, but I need some shoes and my feet have gone back to normal, so like Wilma Flintstone, it's time to charge.

hehe, anyone wanna be my Betty?


  1. Yay! Happy to know he's home and that he had a great time! Sorry to hear he wants to go back ;o)

    Happy day before your birthday!

  2. Pick me! Pick me!
    Hope you have a great one and I'm sooo happy Kaz is home in one piece.

  3. I hope it doesn't kill hydrogen expansion but it sure is scary.
    Glad to hear Kaz is home.

  4. Would love to be your Betty if I weren't so far away right now. Have a great birthday, & enjoy having your boy back!!

  5. Glad Kaz is home - I'm still trying to figure out what it will be like when Hadas goes away to school - in less than 3 weeks. It brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it...

    Happy birthday! 40? Tell me what it's like, I'm turning 40 in May, but I think I'm stuck somewhere in my mid-late 20's. Fortunately Ohad is too :-)

  6. Happy upcoming (incoming? :))! And happy shopping. :)

  7. Welcome back to Kaz!

    Happy birthday to you. I'm just happy I'm a day ahead on such matters instead of a day (or ten) behind for once. I hope you have a magnificent day.

  8. Yay to Kaz being home!

    Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow!

  9. DB took the words right out of my mouth! AHHhaha! But she lives closer...

    Happy birthday young lady! Hope tomorrow is a good one with all your boys.

    I'm happy to hear that Kaz is home safe and sound and that camp was heaven for him this year. (A camp lover myself, I never would have been able to understand your post about him going off. That is until I became a mother... I don't know how my mom ever let me go!)

    (And thanks for your comment on my post today. I appreciate it!)

  10. Happy almost-birthday Aurelia. Hopefully Kaz's return will help calm some of your nightmares.

  11. You say its your birthday!?!?!

    Welcome home Kaz.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All the best, Aurelia. If anyone deserves it, it's you!

    (And YAY! Kaz is home!)