Friday, August 22, 2008

Twelve years ago today

My darling first child was born.

If you want to know what I was doing on that day all those years ago, just go to this link, and read all about it.

Somehow he has grown up to be the most handsome fabulous manchild ever seen. Almost as tall as me and lean as a whippet, he is smart, funny and oh-so-cool. On the cusp of becoming a whole new person, I wish so much that he could stay this age, frozen in time. When he enters high school in a few weeks, everything will change, and my baby will be all grown up.

I love that he can do a Hail Mary save to catch the puck in the goalposts like nobody else.

I love that he snuggles up with his mom on the couch and watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes.

I love that he is a Wii wizard of fearsome repute.

I love that he is the family engineer who we all depend on to build and repair our machines.

I love that he can cradle his baby brother to sleep.

I love that he has the confidence and natural grace to toss a football with the older bigger guys at his new high school.

I love that he can cry if he needs to and laugh everyday just because.

I birthed him, I raised him, I worship him.

Happy Birthday Kaz. Happy Birthday.


  1. 12. Oy. I can't even imagine.

    Happy Birthday, Kaz.

  2. Happy birthday!!! It's so amazing to watch then grow up!

  3. That's just beautiful. Truly.

    Happy birthday to Kaz and congratulations to you on raising such a wonderful boy!

    My son will be 14 next month and is still wonderful. Keep the faith, high school doesn't have to change them.

  4. Happy birthday to Kaz! They grow up soooo fast. I can't believe my nephews are now 16 & almost 20.

  5. twelve years. wow.
    Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday :-) I have a 12-year-old son too. He has his good days and his bad ones. I wonder what the coming years will bring... It's kind of scary to think of him turning from a boy into a young man. I think it was much easier with my daughter (turning 15 in October).

  7. For twelve lovely years you have been a mother. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Congrats my friend.

  8. Happy birthday!!! what a pretty psot you wrote...

  9. Here's to a job well done! Here's to many more years of childrearing! :-D

  10. What a beautiful tribute to your son. Sounds like you're doing a pretty fine job there!

  11. Aw, sweet. Happy b-day late, Kaz!

    And you know, thanks so much for letting us know there are boys who still want to snuggle with there moms at age 12. I don't know how I'll handle the end of snuggling....

  12. Happy birthday Kaz! It's a rough ride from here, but you'll get through the other side to adulthood one day. That's how I found it, anyway.


  13. Happy 12th birthday to you all...especially Kaz.

    I have one of those too and he all you describe...this boy/man who confounds and perplexes me with his front and "toughness" and then comes to me on the sofa for snuggly cuddles and his hair to be stroked. While I didn't give birth to him, (he is my stepson), I adore him like I did and have great hopes for the future if we can grow men like them.

    They are on the cusp of something big, really's exciting. Has he begun to eat huge amounts yet..?? Myles is just our budgets...!!!

    Again, happy birthday to you all.

  14. I didn't realize I'd missed his birthday, aarhg, nor did I wish you a happy anniversary, double aaargh. Sorry, am a heel.