Sunday, August 31, 2008

you'll never believe this one.....

For the record, I am supportive if anyone chooses to carry a pregnancy to term after receiving a bad diagnosis, their choice, their body, and frankly, I'll gladly contribute tax dollars to help them raise their disabled kid to be hale and hearty. But considering all the moral condemnation that they like to heap on my head for making my choice, it's hypocritical for them to do anything less than take perfect care of a pregnancy. You can bet your ass that if Palins was a crack addict instead of an upper middle class Governor they'd be all over her.

But wait---something has happened. hahahahahahahaha

It turns out that Sarah Palins is not quite what the McCain camp thought she was, and that there is a good explanation for her doing that insane thing where she flew all over the damn place while supposedly in labour and with leaking amniotic fluid. Turns out that...drumroll please---she was NEVER in labour at all.

She was never pregnant. It was her daughter's baby!

Poor kid, her own mom steals her baby, calls it hers and carts the kid all over the world using him as a political prop, and all she gets to do is secretly hug him in the background. Meanwhile, my question is, who faked the birth certificate? Why lie to the press about this? When you are as well-known as this woman was, how could you ever think that you would get away with this? And when are criminal charges going to be laid?

I knew something was wrong....I just knew it. And for the record, one of those links has an opinion from an OB who agrees with my last post, lock stock and barrel. (And I never saw his quote, until I arrived back from Wonderland tonight.)

I was right. Mother's intuition I guess. You know, unlike grandmother's intuition.....hehe

So do you think that when John McCain's head explodes, it will go out his ears, or straight up?


  1. And before anyone says it, I know that DK has said that they don't want to talk about it anymore, and they aren't sure they believe it, mostly because they found a photo of Palin with a pillow in her dress---but dudes, read those links.

    If she is the real mom of that kid, I'll wear a radish on my lapel.

  2. Well, it looks to me like the daughter is pregnant NOW.

    This is from Meghan McCain's blog about the announcement of Palin as her father's VP candidate.

  3. Oh, oh, I was so happy about this until I remember there's a real mom and baby involved here. Poor Bristol Palin.

    And where are we? 1959 or some insane Desperate Housewives episode?

  4. Amazing how one woman can simultaneously break a glass ceiling AND set feminism back 75 years in a single swoop.

    Isn't it nice that she had the CHOICE (assuming it is either her or her daughter's child) to make that decision...

  5. Megan that picture is hilarious!

    Honestly, she could either be pregnant now, or just postpartum. Because she looks exactly like me right now, around the middle section.

    That's another thing I found off. No real mom looks that skinny right after giving birth. No freaking way. Not when it's your fifth child and you are 44.

    Again, if Sarah is the real mo of that child, I'll wear a radish for a HAT people.

  6. I second the "poor Bristol." She's a teenager for Chr*st's sake people.


    They've just announced that Bristol is currently 5-months pregnant.

  8. That being said, I'm not quite satisfied that Trig isn't Bristol's baby. If the Palin family lied about Trig's origins, it is certainly conceivable that the Palin family would lie about Bristol's actual current gestation. Bristol just might be carrying Trig's Irish twin?

    I really feel sorry for Bristol, but her mother should have thought of that before running for VP. Seriously, if Bristol and her boyfriend are going to marry anyway, why wouldn't Palin think of having the wedding, before she accepted the nomination. It just seems to me that Palin's aspirations are more important than her children and grandchildren. Sad.

  9. Just had to come back to see if you'd heard the news. :)

    Guess the rumor mill got it wrong...or right?...or wrong..?

  10. oh this is just too good.....
    Why can't canadian politicians be one iota as interesting?

  11. This makes me so proud to be an American. Oy. The poor child/grandchild had enough to content with and then she accepts the VP position and thrusts them all onto the national scene?

    What a fantastic role model for all!