Monday, September 08, 2008

More Grrrrr......

Stephen Harper and his merry band of white male traditional twits are at it again....slamming adoptive families and infertile couples that is.

The federal election is upon us in Canada, and with it comes much mudslinging, but usually family life is off-limits. We tend to stick with the issues. Rarely, we might notice a family picture on a brochure, or politicians making jokes about something their kid did. The media tends to go along with it, and only makes mention of major life events, like someone getting married, etc...

But now, with this quote,

“I don't know St├ęphane Dion all that well,” Mr. Harper said when reporters asked whether he feels the Liberal Leader is a family man.

“But I presume that he's been married a long time, has children. I presume he's a family man also.”

Harper has crossed the line, and if you read the comments on that article, you'll see how sick the implications have become. I blogged about this before, I have become incredibly furious at the insinuation that adoptive kids aren't really family, or that international adoptees and non-white adoptees are somehow less Canadian, less worthy of the status of white biological "ordinary" kids.

You see Stephane Dion, the leader of the Liberal Party, admitted a few years ago in the Globe and Mail that he and his wife have gone through infertility and they then adopted their daughter from Peru. From Chatelaine:

"But there was a missing element in their carefully planned life – children. When they discovered that they couldn't have a child of their own, they went to Peru and adopted Jeanne, the daughter, now 19, they still call their Inca Princess. While Dion did the legwork – staying in Peru for months at a time to fulfill adoption requirements – Krieber stayed in Montreal and ultimately organized their marriage, which had never been part of their plan but became a necessary convenience for the adoption process."

Because of that quote Stephen Taylor implied that the conservatives were going to try to contrast Harper's "ordinary" family.

Like, adoptive families aren't ordinary.

And infertile families aren't ordinary.

And childless families aren't ordinary.

And non-white and mixed race families aren't ordinary.

And families with two mommies or two daddies must not be normal either, eh?

And here they are with their stupid "Family Man" ads trying to say that if you don't have a family, you aren't capable of being the Prime Minister? Nice vicious attack on the childless voters. Seriously, so they actually think that a US strategy will work up here? Especially when they keep trying to play the pro-lifers and pretend they will enact an abortion law? (Yes that's right, they hate abortion, and adoption and are trying to use codewords to hack at their opponents manhood. Nice. And Harper doesn't even know why the Dions were infertile, but the implication is there that Harper has mighty strong sperm and this will make him great prime minister. LOL )

If you are Canadian, just know that when you vote, Stephen Harper only thinks you matter if you live in a Leave it to Beaver family. And only if you had your kids, the "God-endorsed Conservative Way", by having sex. No orgasm sex thank you very much.

They are the ordinary family people you know. Godly and such.

Please pass this post around to everyone you know, just in case you have Canadian readers. I can't believe these boneheads.


  1. Another attempt to Americanize our politics. : ( The implication that only "family men" (and just MAYBE, "family WOMEN") are suitable for political office makes me want to gag.

    The hilarious thing is that the man is so damn stiff -- I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw those ads, trying to make him look all warm & fuzzy. This is, after all, the man who was photographed shaking hands with his children when dropping them off at school.

    You know, I used to belong to the PC Youth when I was at university. But I have not voted Conservative in some years now, & I don't intend to this time either. It's not the same party I once campaigned for.

  2. Grrr
    like loribeth all I can think of is psycho eyes shaking hands with his kids.
    yeech. now I have his creepy eyes in my head
    get out Aurelia. you've ruined my day.

  3. OOOO
    I didn't like Stephen Harper before, but now I can't stand him.
    He is NOT getting my vote and if I see him in person I'm going to give him heck.
    A**hole. (him, not you!)

  4. I know nothing about Canadian politics, but the whole thing is just beyond creepy.

  5. This is related to Palin, who TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT TOO. It's a timeline from Vanity Fair on the Trig conspiracy theory.

  6. You forgot oil cakes are good for "Parve" (non-dairy and non-meat kosher) too. I've found that I can substitute canola oil for butter in most cakes. That is, when I used to bake.

    As for politics, I'm so worn out.

  7. None of these politicians have done anything at all to address that IF is not covered in this country and the paltry tax credit we get does nothing to off set the cost. If Dion comes up with a plan to cover it I'll listen. If Harper thinks we need to be having more babies then he too better cough up the money.