Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I can't bear to put swear words in a post title, so here this sits. I am so depressed by today's appointment I cannot begin to express it. I'll just say that Doctors suck and I have once again been patted on the head. Ironically, by a woman once again.

In short, there are nodules on my thyroid and I may have a problem, but no one wants to check it out because really, "Dear it's probably all in your head." Yep, because I called myself a SAHM instead of a political lobbyist, therefore I must be wrong, inaccurate, mentally unbalanced, unhinged, and of course, all these "mental issues" must be capable of causing tumours on a body organ....

If no one solves this problem soon, I'm going to go crazy, for real. I'm too nervous to attempt pregnancy if my thyroid will just kill it off. I don't know what to do.

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  1. I hate that crap! I don't know how the healthcare works there, but is it possible to look for an expert who cares about fertility too, and then go to that one?

    I'm so sorry they are treating you with so little respect.

    Keep in mind, I was 39 when Jack was conceived. It's harder when you are older, but absolutely possible.