Friday, November 24, 2006

A Little Inspiration

*Updated below*

Mel's post about blogs that have disappeared has made me think about Jessica's last postings over at Cancer, Baby. After I commented on Mel's post, I went back over to Jessica's blog, still up, thank God, (I hope they NEVER take down such a beautiful monument to her life). I sat and reread a whole bunch of posts and comments.

And cried out loud all morning.

Even though I've never met, never emailed with her, and didn't even know she had existed until after her death. What is it about the blogworld and the internet that has changed everything for me? Why does the media keep telling me that nothing is changed by the internet? I emailed a Toronto Star columnist, David Olive, a while back when he ranted on about this, and pointed out Jessica's blog, among others. He wrote back, "You're right: as a business writer, I have been preoccupied by the overblown financial promise of the Web, overlooking the millions of often specialized conversations happening in real time about real issues."

Yes, David I am right.

I know because I've changed, I've grown, I've learned so much.

Maybe the internet wasn't ever meant to teleport our bodies around the world. Maybe just our hearts.

Edited to add: I just clicked over to YouTube and saw this.

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