Monday, November 27, 2006

V skinny jeans don't fit!

Crap, crap, crap.

So if I keep using Tertia words and acronyms, do you think I can be as skinny as she is? In only 36 hours?


I tried them on at home tonight and discovered they are very short, as well as tight at the ankle, which I guess is part of the look, but the problem is that I have bizarre muffintops at the waist. Not nice and even all around but seriously warped. Actually puckered at the belly button. Damn stretchmarks...didn't even get a live baby out of this last set, but I still got the evidence.

My choices:
1) Take back jeans to far away downtown Winners tomorrow, try to find another pair one or two sizes up.
2) Go to Gap, and try to find another pair of jeans quickly. Return too small jeans several months from now after losing them under pile of junk in corner.
3) Make new pants out of plastic garbage bags and stapler.

Vote now, this is your chance to influence the Prime Ministership of Canada!


  1. Damn skinny jeans. They are the devil.

    I think the pants in my closet range 5 sizes, and none of them fit. I do not get it. How can the smallest size be too small and the largest be too big, but none in the middle work? Post-partum fashion is a mystery to me. I vote for long, shapeless skirts.

  2. My gut feeling was the garbage bags and stapler, but that's just the weirdo in me. I know I would opt for the Gap and losing the skinny jeans in the corner under a bunch of crap. Or, putting the skinny jeans in my closet for 5-7 years until I give up on the idea of ever fitting into them and then giving them away to someone who could actually use them, years after they've gone out of style.

  3. Truly, I think you can do a lot to change the face of fashion in Canada if you go with the garbage bags and stapler... Some tape...