Friday, November 17, 2006

Yes, I'm alive

Just a short post to say, I'm alive and feeling more mentally energetic. (Did I mention I sincerely believe that estrogen is a sacrament for the premature menopause set?)

Unfortunately, my lungs are not cooperating. I have some sort of chest cold with cough, that has turned me into a hacking, wheezing caricature of myself. I sound like a TB patient from the 19th Century, ever so classy...

I'm on puffers, and ibuprofen and steam and blah, blah, blah....and my husband has the same thing, and so does the youngest kid. So far I am keeping my head up and coping, I just haven't been able to comment and post and surf everywhere. But I am reading everybody's posts.

On the good side, we paid off another couple of credit cards this week with another bonus from the DH's work. I know everybody has debts and credit card problems, but someday I'll outline it all here. You know that line from the song, "They had outrageous parties and paid heavenly bills"? Well, that's us, except we had outrageous expenses, no parties unfortunately---and it's all been on credit.

Now it is disappearing, slowly. This might be a nice Christmas after all!

TTYL internets, I have to go have a hacking cough.

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