Friday, February 02, 2007

Comments are working again!

Yes, my comments are working again...effin' blogger outages...I know they are trying, but how come typepad or wordpress never seem to be out? Or is is just my perception?

So yes, I broke my big toe. I have osteopenia, now osteoporosis as a result of premature ovarian failure, (premature menopuase for those of you new to my blog). Estrogen depletion and a severe case of lactose intolerence have combined to make me susceptable to broken bones. I've had many broken toes before, usually little ones, but this is worse, because I can't bend my big toe at all, and my left foot is now swollen up.

I'm off to get it x-rayed, hopefully I need nothing more than rest and ice if it's minor, but I have a bad feeling about this one...probably nothing but paranoia. I'll update later if it turns out to be something. Ehhh...

Anyway, I guess I'm back to mainlining calcium and vitamin D with my fortified soy milk. I keep thinking it probably won't help, and the stuff tastes so awful and chalky, I tend to be non-compliant at best. I even take it separately from my other vitamins & stuff, because it's supposed to be the right way to do it. Arggh.

Any thoughts, suggestions, assvice?


  1. Maybe you could find some groovy leopard print slippers that have steel toes? Can't say they'd be terribly comfortable...

    Sorry to hear about the broken toe. Now you'll have to put up with all the googy jokes.

  2. Calcium citrate is more easily absorbed and doesnt taste chalky. Many "calcium fortified" foods are using it instead of other other forms of calcium (OJ, Propel water, etc).

  3. You know what I am going to say...COMPLIANCE IS KEY. You get the scolding finger on that one.

    So sorry about you toe. I will stomp around and be irritable for you about that one. I had quite an exchange with my GP yesterday. If I don't post about it I will shoot you an email with the details.

    Glad your comments are working. I couldn't comment on anyone's blog yesterday because of blogger outages. So frustrating. It's like being cut off from all your friends.

  4. Ugh, I broke my little toe once and it hurt horribly, I can only imagine how bad the big one hurts.

    Do they have you on some major calcium supplements?

  5. I think I nearly broke my middle left toe earlier this week. Not because of osteoporosis, mind you, but from walking hard into the corner of a wall when I wasn't looking. Not that I haven't slammed my toes before, but this time it's blue. So I have lots of sympathy for you on that front.

    Aurelia, may I have permission to re-post part of your comment to Julie about the sextuplets on my blog? You confirmed much of what I had suspected and I'd like for my few readers (who may not read Julie's blog, or all of her comments) to know.

  6. No problem, Tinker. Just link to me to, please! I found it interesting just how many Canadian bloggers showed up on the post comments actually. It's funny, we think there aren't that many of us...and then here we come out of the woodwork!

  7. I was thinking the exact same thing!

    The post is up. Please let me know if I've misinterpreted what you wrote, or in some way inaccurately represented your thoughts.

    And take care of that toe!

  8. I hope the toe is doing ok. Ouch. That sounds dreadful. How did the xray go?