Saturday, February 03, 2007

I have to get back to my routine

I realized that I'm not sticking with my vitamins, and my house is in disarray, and my schedule is seriously messed up.

This is causing me to be slightly nuttier than usual, if you couldn't tell. Ahem.

Soooo, back to routine, and hopefully, calm, orderliness tomorrow. Not all in one day, mind you, but one day at a time, and soon I will be zen, and stop leaving goofy comments on other people's blogs!

I also feel much better about using my Apollo Golite now that I know DoctorMama has endorsed using them. My therapist always did, and I knew lots of head doctors like them, including my sleep specialist, and the neurologist I saw once. But all the family docs and my friends laughed at it.

Plus, I have to admit I have felt like a jackass suggesting them to other bloggers, even though I know they work. And no, it's not just placebo effect. Check out the link to studies that Apollo has on it's website. Or just read up about how Russia is having a major crime and mental health crisis during the gloomiest winter ever. They have no sun, and barely any snow to reflect the sun back at them. Just blechy dirty brown snow and mud. So moods are getting crummier...this is also true here in Canada IMHO.

So, off to take my calcium and D. Maybe hubs will let me snuggle my freezing feet into his back tonight? (Gently, so the toe doesn't hurt....but still, he is a lot warmer than me! Are all men warmer than women?)


  1. I have decided that family docs are close to worthless (as you probably have already guessed from my last post). It speaks volumes that they would laugh at light therapy when there are so many reputable studies showing they help us. Now, I memorize the authors and publication dates and just throw references at them until they submit. Ha.

    Yes, men do seem to be warmer than women. My feet are always freezing, but Husband has no problems. Grrrrr. Brrrrrr.

  2. Yes, all men are warmer than women for awhile, but heads up! the switch will flip for you both.

    There. I've done my dumb comment on your blog ;)

  3. I love sticking my cold feet up against my husband's back too - but he hates it!

  4. My husband hates it when I stick my cold feet on him. The best time to do it is just as he is drifting off to sleep - then I stick my foot on him and giggle as he bolts 3 feet off the bed! Don't tell him that, because I think he would cut my feet off!

  5. I'm sure that must be the universal men's gripe - a woman's cold feet... I know my hubby whinges to no end about it, and I actually take pleasure in sticking them on him when he least expects it. In retaliation, he bought me a water bottle and forces me to use it. (Yes, he's a solution-ist, it drives me crazy sometimes.)

  6. And look at the rates of depression in countries that have long, dark winters. I totally believe in light therapy. Glad you're getting things on track.

  7. I agree as soon as you can spell menopausal, you'll be warming your own feet.

    Doctors know that drug companies fund most studies. Doctors know that drug companies don't fund homeopathic therapy studies, 'cause it doesn't profit them. To understand why doctors as a whole are against homeopathic treatments, we need to come to what conclusion?

  8. Hey, I have to go sit in the library (or outside bundled up with only eyes showing) or else I get cranky and miserable. SAD is real! Light helps! Go ye forth and illuminate!

    My theory on men's feet is the increased muscle mass causes them to have higher metabolisms and so they're warmer. ;)