Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Medical Inanities

I spent the early part of yesterday in the ER getting x-rayed and bent and poked and prodded. No, no fractures this time. I probably have a soft tissue injury, or at least I'm assuming I do since the butthead attending Doc didn't bother to check or refer me to someone who could deal with it.

Yes, *sigh* I've collected another butthead doctor story to go with the others. See, my own doctor is away, and her office suggested I go to the ER since they could get me into the fracture clinic right away if anything was broken. They could've ordered an x-ray, but with her wouldn't be very helpful, and her replacement could only fit me in at the end of the day.

So off I go, in pain, limping on both legs, looking pathetic. And after seeing triage, and three nurses, and a medical student, (who were all lovely BTW), I finally see jerkboy, who proceeds to tell me that I only qualify to get an x-ray because of my osteoporosis, as if he is handing down a gift from on high. He only saw a few signs, like pain, or flinching etc. because in order to get there, I had doped myself to the gills with anti-inflammatories, coedine, etc. I had also been lying on a bed for 2 hours, iced and elevated. I had told him this...but he ignored it.

I mean, hello...of course I had few signs of pain after all that. DUH! But when I got back home and everything wore off, sheesh, did it hurt. What made his Lord Mucky-muck imitation even more ridiculous BTW, was that right after he gifted me with the x-ray, I overheard him whining about how hard all his paperwork was to the nurse, who proceeded to flirt and fawn endlessly over him. If I was able to walk, I swear I would've jumped over the curtain, grabbed my own prescription, and told them to just screw each other on the desk right there, and get back to work, so the bleeding patients could get some treatment.

In the end, I'm off to see my own Doc Thursday or Friday for some more help, and it turns out the latest 'amazing' endocrinologist can see me Thursday, so maybe I can get some more answers then about the thyroid issues. Of course, I really shouldn't get my hopes up when it comes to Doctors should I?

Why is it they are all so nice and normal and reasonable when the are med students, or even residents, and somewhere around the attending, or specialist stage they become horrid human beings...absolutely awful at listening and learning? I have more stories stored up, not just these ones, but help me out---am I the only one this happens too? Are Dr.'s really this bad? Or just the ones I run into?


  1. Oh no! I hope that you are done with butthead doctors and feel better soon!!!

  2. Oh good god, i could go on and on about doctors. This issue raises my blood pressure at least 20 points. What's interesting is that I have a really hard time advocating for myself. But I am a tiger when it comes to other people. I feel so beaten down and unworthy when it comes to insufficient care on my behalf. But if I were with you in that ER, I would have ripped that doctor a new one. Every once in awhile you catch a good doctor on a good day, sounds like you are due for just that situation. good luck my friend.

  3. You're not the only one, most of them really are that bad. Has something to do with never being told they are wrong, and having people hang on their every word as if it were a beautiful shining pearl of infinite wisdom dropping from their lips. Ugh.

    I hope you get better help from your doc later this week.

  4. Nope, I get them too.

    The one who did the D&C for my last miscarriage refused to test the tissue because he said it was probably chromosomal anyhow. He said this knowing that I'm a fertility patient (and would be unlikely to get pregnant again easily), that it wasn't my first miscarriage, and that another doctor had ordered the testing in writing.


  5. Hmmmm... yes buttheads do abound in the medical profession. In saying that, I'm so lucky that now I have a great doctor, RE & ob/gyn that I love dearly and trust with my life, BUT it took me a loooong time to get here!
    In fact this morning I went with MrP to go and see a consultant neuro-something or othery dude as he has strong symptoms of carpal tunnel. All of 20 minutes later he proclaimed his nerves are fine (we only waited 5 months for this appointment!) and that he needs to have physio. Needless to say,I'm totally unimpressed.....

    I really hope that the doc you see later in the week is not a butthead! x

  6. I think, they think we all owe them some sort of golden trophy for all the years they studied to help us mere mortal unworthies. Seriously it pees me off when things like this happen. And when I can't pick up the phone and call my RE with a question, his secretary fields me off like some stalker. What the hell are we paying them for? We're just not worthy I guess.

  7. Yeah, most of the doctors are just bad. Every once in a while, you will run into one who is good.

    I won't get started on a doctor rant - I have enough from the last few months to write a novel.

    I am glad that nothing was broken and I hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. I think there was a survey here in the states a few months ago that said something like 75% or 80% of patients, including those with health insurance, were dissatisfied with the level of care they received. So no, you're no where close to alone on this.

  9. It isn't just you. Believe me, they automatically think they know more. Even ones that aren't your doctor - but a friend of a friend who knew in high school.

    I should tell the story some day, it is a great one!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  10. So sorry to hear about your knees! That sounds incredibly painful.

    As I'm sure you can guess from my blog, I'm not too keen on doctors either.In my opinion, finding the good doctor is an anomaly, and you have to wade through a bunch of crappy ones to find them. Kind of like finding a spouse, I guess.

    I hope you get some relief soon.