Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Well, I have some editing to do

My acronym list is getting longer and longer, and DD's list is awesome, check out How to Win Friends and Influence Your RE. I'll be linking to it and and fixing up my own list in the next day or are right about cycles longer than 28 days Dianne, I'm so used to horribly short cycles, I've forgotten it can be longer! Smacks forehead...

I have to update my blogroll also, I have some issue with bloglines not picking up various people's feeds, a blogline issue not anyone else, so I have been delinquent on commenting for some people. Probably because I'm still insanely sick, we've made it to official bronchitis status people! Yayyy, asthma puffers and antibiotics, the drug of choice, like champagne but not nearly as sexy.

Cough cough blech, gahhhhhh...back to lying down now, today hubs is taking over for hockey game duty. Yeah, this is what this is all about people, so you can lug hockey bags, watch someone shoot pucks at your kid, and fetch hot chocolate.

And every needle, every labour pain, every loss is worth it, to get even one live kid.

Damn I wish I was there.


  1. Feel better. I hate bronchitis! As an asthma sufferer, I customarily get it (knocking on wood). It stinks!

  2. I hope you are all feeling better soon.

  3. Oooohhh. Bronchitis!

    Bronchitis sucks. I hope you are feeling better soon.