Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Go Vote Liberal Dammit!

Hey chicklets!

Just a reminder that today is e-day, you know, ELECTION DAY here in Ontario. And yes, I want you to vote Liberal, because I sincerely believe that it is the best thing for this province, and especially for every infertile couple and anyone interested in adoption reform in Ontario.

Go see this post for why! No other party has put out a policy on this, ever. The NDP delisted IVF in Ontario back in 1994, and the Conservatives refused to fund it, even after people like Jim & Christine Flaherty used fertility treatment to have their triplets. Hypocritical, eh? I guess to the Tories, only rich people who can afford unlimited treatment should ever get to have kids. And the Green Party, pffhhhht, they actually told me if would be better for the planet if fewer people reproduced. I guess we're supposed to be the sacrificial lambs in the process. I guess it never occurred to them that people should get to decide that for themselves, eh?

And if your local candidate doesn't have a clue what it means, don't worry, they aren't making policy, and the people who are, really really care about our concerns.

Oh, and unless you want crazy fringe parties taking over, like pro-laffers, and sharia parties, and the right-wing nutbars, vote NO to MMP in the referendum. Truly a sucky idea, there were loads of other better ones but they picked this shitty thing. Belgium does it, and they still have no government after 100 days.

It's more complicated than string theory, so I can't even explain all the ins and outs to the average person, I get it only after hours of studying, but I've known PhDs who looked puzzled about it!

Basically a bunch of backbench politicians, would not only get elected without local constituents to take care of, but they wouldn't have any duties at Queen's Park, due to the fact that most of them are going to be from fringe parties, and will never be in Cabinet or on any important committees. $100+ a year to sit around a wank off all day, or bitch at me all day about how I should be wearing a chastity belt, and give the government the key to controlling my uterus.

Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaat idea, fuckwads.

Off to GOTV. I won't be checking the blog today, because I'll be busy, but if I get any trolls, beat them up for me, pretty please?

And remember if you don't vote, you have no right to bitch afterwards!



  1. You know I would vote your way if I could. Hope it goes well.

  2. Oh my gosh I just caught up with your blog and found out the great news! Sorry I'm so behind the times (head in the sand in regards to IF). I feel like such a fool for not keeping better tabs and missing such important announcements.

    Congratulations my friend.

  3. People: listen to Aurelia and do exactly as she says.

    (I never vote, but, then again, I don't live in Canada)

  4. Well, I voted and now I get to bitch! The voting experience itself was a pain in the ass. I'll blog about it tomorrow.

  5. Oh my goodness! Where have I been?? Under a rock obviously. Just wanted to congratulate you on the BFP and the lovely doubling numbers. I'll be praying all goes well with this little one. So happy for you Aurelia! So happy.

  6. I voted. And I voted Liberal. So did Mr. Wonderful.

  7. I voted NDP – and for MMP.
    I do plan to bitch endlessly.