Monday, January 21, 2008

I love my OB

Even if I am most likely being a big ol' hormonal mess. I told him about Dr.Nyar, and he laughed and laughed and told me he was so impressed that someone had finally stood up to him! His resident said she would've loved to be fly on the wall for that one. I guess the guy has a rep among his fellow Docs? Snicker. I feel better knowing it isn't just me who thinks he is an arrogant ass, but in reality, it's everyone.

Anyway, he told me not to worry and we'd just continue on doing what we're doing and if I want to go see Dr.Placenta fine, and if not, don't worry. He did feel embarassed about the techs missing the two fibroids, but he whipped out the US machine and said that it hopefully won't cause an issue with delivery because they are both pretty high and won't block the cervix.

I got the chance to ask a few more questions because Mr.Cotta wasn't with me. He had a conference call and was on call just in case I needed him, but I really needed a little space. My OB was surprised I wasn't with him. Heck, I think he was relieved! Apparently Mr.Cotta's joking and acting like he doesn't care to cover his stress has been slightly obvious to them, *cough*, *cough*, in fact, completely obvious. Poor man. Oh well, at least I know he really does care and is worried. I logically know he is, but ohh, so hard sometimes to figure out. Men really are from Mars.

Good news is that I just might get to be induced at 38 weeks! Weeeeeeee! Anything to avoid wondering if my placenta has aged and died and and taken the baby. I swear, I'll be more worried in that last home stretch than I was earlier, because really, the closer I get to a live baby, the more I start to count on this working out. I can't help it, I'm trying not to, but I am starting to think ahead. Daydream, picture myself buying stuff, walking with a stroller....snuggling with the baby in my bed.

I-yi-yi, maybe I shouldn't, but at the Friday US, I couldn't help it. I took forever to get a picture of the cord, because Dinkypie was playing with the umbilical cord and pulling on it and I saw 4 little fingers and a thumb curled around it, and I swear, I started to notice----his personality.

He has one already, cute little troublesome bugger. Oh, now he just HAS to make it out alive.

He has to.

He has to.


  1. Dr. Nyar definitely sounds like a jackass.

    Glad to hear you and the little one are doing well.

    How is Mac doing with the "man parts" issue? Hope he's better.

  2. Good on you for standing up to Dr. Jackass.
    Good deal on being induced. Will save you a lot of worrying.

  3. I went at 36 or 37 weeks on all three of my pregnancies. I think that at 38, he and you will be fine.

    Good for you standing up to the doc. We all know that there isn't evidence of effectivness with lots of things in pg women, because no one wants to test anything with a pg woman. If it's working for you then stick with it.

  4. i send you my prayers.

    thanks for commenting on my blog -- and yes, today was a better day.


  5. At least you've got a great OB!
    Completely off-topic [sorry], but I've had a running argument w/my endocrinologist (i.e. Wonder Boy from Johns Hopkins) over my borderline-high thyroid levels...
    I suppose we have finally "agreed to disagree": he sees that I am not falling apart w/osteoporosis etc, and I keep re-emphasizing my point that I have to be able to FUNCTION (& maybe even feel like a human being whilst doing so!)...

  6. Yes, he does have to. That baby gap outfit is gorgeous and I need to see him enjoying it!

    Enjoy falling in love with dinkypie... you deserve to enjoy it.

  7. Every time I check in on you and I see you've progressed further and further I get so excited for you.

    I love that you saw his little hand.

  8. make sure to tell him what a fan club he has. that should help get him here.

    i can't wait to "meet" him.

  9. Yes, he has to. You are so patient, I might start to beg to rip him out at 36 weeks. He just has to.

  10. Well hello there! Long time, no blog and I'm SO glad to come back and see that you're expecting! I'm glad your other OB is better than that other a-hole. At least there is balance in the universe.

  11. A good OB is like gold dust :) And I agree, he HAS to, or he'll have me to answer to ;) XXX

  12. you know the more I think about this the more I have a problem with this guy. There was some commenting when he did my CVS that he prefers to do them trasabdominally vs vaginally. I have no idea if one is preferable,but as I told you he had done my friends twin to twin transfer operation so I trusted him.
    Interesting he finds it odd you check your cervix. Pretty funny attitude for an OB. Or does he just not like to deal with vaginas only c-sections?

    You don't even want to know how long it took me to figure out Nyar.