Friday, January 04, 2008

see, now I have to take back yesterday's post

Today the boys and I stayed together for the day and went to see Mac's pediatrician for a followup after his disaster with the testicular torsion. She confirmed that he is completely recovered and gave us a referral to see a urologist to discuss what we can do to prevent a recurrence. The official report from the radiologist said it was unclear if it was epididymitis (an infection of the tube that carries sperm) or a torsion and immediate reversal of the torsion, that left everything looking swollen.

And so we shall see....

The boys kind of kept it together in the office, but unfortunately couldn't do it for long, and decided to wrestle each other, to the death, in the middle of the waiting room, while I booked the followup appointment.

And two other mothers LAUGHED at them and me, out loud! Talk about encouraging bad behaviour! (I'm not even discussing the mothers who sneered in horror, who I know were thinking that their precious Johnny, all of three months old , would never, ever, ever behave that way in public. I figure I'll just wait for Johnny to grow up and teach his mother a lesson about being holier-than-thou and tripping on your face, etc. etc.)

I kept admonishing the boys, and nothing worked, so finally, I turned to leave, and one woman said, "It's always funny when it isn't your own kids. Don't worry." I know she was trying to be all buddy-buddy, but damn lady, this kind of stuff is embarassing! Please don't make it more obvious.

As we left, I turned to Kaz, and told him that I was really unhappy because he had behaved so badly that other mothers had actually laughed at me. He looked stricken----

And he sincerely APOLOGIZED and behaved the rest of the day to make up for it!

Which means he has a CONSCIENCE!

He understands personal reputations and shame and public behaviour and time and place!!!!!

Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick, I'm actually not a total failure as a mother.

Have a drink for me tonight ladies and gents, today is a good day.


  1. As the mother of girls, but someone who teaches teenaged boys this ending had me laughing out loud. YES they do have a conscience. YES they actually listen to what you are saying. It just isn't always obvious to you.
    Congrats on being mother of the year!

  2. oh boy... I can see my future in your story.

  3. Children may not be evil, but they sure can be difficult. It's nice when they surprise you like that and show that some of your parenting is actually working.