Thursday, May 17, 2007

My very busy day

My crazy neighbour is still building the fence, and has now torn down the front fence we shared to build a different gate. Presumably one with extra locks and barbed wire.... It did need replacing, but we had spoken about doing this together, as opposed to separately, so that it would look cohesive and nicely designed. They have left a stub of our fence attached to our house, and I have no clue how they are going to join the old rotten wood to their new boards. And of course, we will have a hell of a time repairing our side now. The height of the fence by the way is legal, measured from their side, because their yard is slightly lower & they have the fence perched on top of raised flower beds one feet high. Six feet of fence, plus one feet of screening, adds up to eight feet.

As for the setback, I am sure that you are all correct, but here in Toronto we have a slight problem. Very very narrow lots, and most of them have boundary problems, like somebody built a shed 6 inches over someone else's property, and fences are just off centre or crooked and twenty years later people are claiming part of your yard. Our house was built one foot away from the property line, and for years and years the owners just gave each other permission to gain access for maintenance. And nobody cared, in fact I'm wondering if now we just have the right to go into their yard if we have to deal with the foundation, or clean the eaves.

It would be rare, just twice a year at most, barring an emergency, and most people could care less and will be very reasonable, but somehow I suspect the crazy lady won't. Her husband is very nice, so maybe I can try to talk to him....gahhhh hate this part. I could call the city and make a fuss, but I have to live next to them everyday. It's delicate.

Maybe I'll just be passive aggressive and send older son Kaz to practice his trumpet in the backyard every single night, pointed in their direction? God love him, Kaz is the world's WORST trumpet player. Excellent at piano, definitely not a brass guy. Hmmm...

I'm off to get my hair done, do some gardening, finish the laundry, and have a few hot flashes.

Yes, you read that right. This cycle is hopeless and I'm feeling really really awful, sleepless, tossing, turning, and kind of down. I thought it was just my mood in general, but I'm going to try upping my estrogen and see what happens.

Plus we're having some more financial stress after all our good news. A nice big cheque we were expecting last week is not coming for awhile, so we are still doing the credit card shuffle.

I know I've been tagged to the I am meme more than once. Maybe tomorrow. The worldest worst poet here has to go destress!


  1. aghghghg....sorry 'bout your neighbour problems!!! we live in a 100year old semi and, while our neighbours are far from perfect, we thank our lucky stars almost daily...bad neighbours can make your life hell!

    looking forward to your meme...(i didn't get it as a poem, but i like that idea!)

  2. I like the idea of sending your son out to practice his Trumpet. I myself am a Trumpet player and know first hand how loude those things can be. Sorry your neighbors are being such jerks.

  3. I think its time to invest in a drum set for your kids, then they can properly serenade your lovely neighbors.

    Sorry I have been MIA for a bit. I am still lurking around, but just a tad slow on commenting. Promise I will be back in full swing very soon.

  4. The fence saga seems totally annoying. Personally, every time that I saw it, it would just piss me off. I would almost feel that I had to do something now, if I could. Otherwise, I would feel taken advantage of, every time I saw the damn fence. Does the fence interfere with fire safety egress? I've seen that used to pull more than one fence down. Adding one foot of screening to a six foot fence, doesn't seem to comply with the "intent" of the fence limit.

    I know that you want to be careful, because who wants an adverse relationship with their neighbors? BUT, no matter what you do, she's gone be pissed at you *anyway,*

    In the mean time, I'll just shut the fuck up, 'cause I'm in *no* position to offer anyone assvice.

  5. I'm sorry you're under so much stress of various kinds.

    The fence thing would really, really bother me. But, on the other hand, it seems like neighbors (at least my neighbors) are always up to something annoying. If Crazy's husband is nice, would it be worth trying to talk to him now?

  6. Feh. Bad news all around. Sorry to hear that, AC.

  7. I've heard about a right of access that goes something like: If you've been using a piece of property (not necessarily yours) for a certain purpose for a certain period of time (say, 20 years), at some point you gain a right to continue to use that property that way.

    Now where that stands in the law books I don't know, but it would be worthwhile information to have in your back pocket in case it becomes an issue when you go to clean your eavestroughs.

  8. I wouldn't call the city. You don't want war with someone who's crazy! If the city comes, they might make you change something, just because they are there and feel like it. But talking to the husband could help? It doesn't make any sense to put up a 8 ft. high fence, with the narrow lots. I would be pissed with the lack of sunlight, alone. Hope there's some resolution to this, soon.

    Hope the de-stressing worked!

  9. Neighbours can really suck sometimes.

    Does your hair look fab? I hope the de-stressing has helped.

  10. :(
    Does Mac like drums? Cause I think your boys would make an excellent back yard music group.

  11. I agree with niobe in trying to talk to the apparently only sane neighbor just to find out what the fence is all about and to give him some feedback. I am not sure it will change anything other than give you some peace of mind that they know how you feel. Of course you could always have your lot surveyed and if its determined they built it on your property... Many times fences aren't always where they should be even if off by inches so there could be some room for compromise. Just a thought.

  12. I'll echo both tinker and leroy. When we bought our house, we had a slight fence issue (being that our fence was way too far inside our property line), but we had the lot surveyed and got to re-claim about 6-8 feet of yard back from our neighbors. Now, we did that while the neighbors house was being sold so that we didn't have to fuss with them about it, but legally we could defend moving the fence over.

    And I'm pretty sure tinker's right about the usage law, at least here in the states.