Friday, May 18, 2007

Never doubt the determination of a Woman with a Sharp Object

I saved the day!

No, silly, I didn't do anything unfortunate to my neighbour. I'm letting my husband the lawyer handle that mess. He is beginning to acknowledge the issue now that their construction moved onto our property and they decided to rip fence parts off of our house and create holes and they were going to block access to our side of the house with a fence section, dig it in on our property side and attach it all to our house.

Without our consent, or even so much as a "by the way..." I have a feeling that although the fence will go up it isn't going to work exactly like they thought. hehe

(And to answer a question, our sunlight is never blocked due to the angles involved. Only theirs is. Which again, only proves that she is either crazy, or a vampire who enjoys watching plants die.)

Aaaannnyway, to get back to the main story today----last night I went out with some friends from my kid's school, for a fundraiser post-mortem & congratulations fest. We had done a great job raising money, and drank lots of wine and laughed, and ate elegant food, and none of us had to cut anyone's meat or remind anyone to flush or wash their hands...a really nice night out.

When I got home though, I discovered that I had to once again get my SuperMommy suit on. Yesterday at school, Mac lost another baby tooth and his grumble grumble male teacher told him to wash it in the bathroom sink----and you can just guess what happened next. Yep, right down the drain. There were tears and anguish while everyone tried to figure out how the tooth fairy was going to get the tooth and give the money to Mac. Poor little guy couldn't go to sleep for ages.

Rest assured the tooth fairy left some money last night and we all decided that the tooth fairy must've dove down the drain and got the tooth. Mac was happy.

I was not.

I (whisper here) have saved every.single.tooth that has ever fallen out of my babies mouths and carefully put them away for ummmm posterity, yahhh, that's it posterity. What if they are famous someday? I've saved their first haircut remnant in little bags, and their nail clippings, and every single piece of clothing and little shoesies, and all their art, and well, everything I could hide from Mr.Cotta. (He doesn't mind saving some stuff, but he is reasonable. I can't STAND to lose even a molecule of them.) I tried to save their umbilical cord bits that fell off their bellybuttons at seven days old, but I didn't put them into formaldehyde so they crumbled to dust. We saved Macs umbilical cord blood in a stem cell bank, and if he never needs it, I'll keep paying the fee for sentimental reasons. (Cord blood banks didn't exist back then for Kaz, sniff.) I buried all their placentas in the backyard under individual trees, (after the pathologist examined each one and took slides, etc. Science and mommy sentimentality can exist side by side oh cynical ones.)

So does anyone think mere plumbing was going to stand in the way of me getting my babies tooth back? Puh-leeeze.

I showed up at school with tools and the phone number of a plumber. All the men looked at me like I was nuts and the women all said, of course you need to do try. (Funny how the gender lines break down here) Truthfully, everyone thought it was a lost cause, but after much digging into the boys bathroom sink with a very sharp letter opener and a tweezer, and using my mighty pythons to pull out lots and lots of icky stuff....drumroll please!!!!!

I pulled the tooth out of the drainpipe!

It's perfectly fine, very clean. My set of baby teeth is complete....whoops I mean the Tooth Fairies set is complete. She'll pick it up tonight after Mac goes to sleep with it under his pillow.

I feel like celebrating! And dancing! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. While I don't quite have the same "attachment" to my son's DNA products, I absolutely love, LOVE, the fact you went in after that tooth.

    What a story you will have for your grandchildren, and of course, the DIL.

  2. That is so awesome. Who cares if you looked like a nut? You'll go the ends of the earth--and what kid doesn't want to feel that about their parents?

  3. I love that!

    I don't think my mother saved baby teeth that fell out. But I had to have A LOT of orthodontics, and they pulled a lot of baby teeth to speed things along. And I had them all for a long time. But one day, I threw them out in an anti-sentimental gesture. Now I regret it.

    In an art class my brother had to carve a head out of wood. Guess what he used for teeth? Yup, his own saved baby teeth.

  4. In college, I went to a friends house and she pulled out a 35 mm film canister (remember those) and showed me all her former teeth, that her mother saved for her. I'm weird, so I thought it was the coolest thing.

    While nothing compared to the skill required to pull a tooth out of your son's school-bathroom, recently I had to retrieve a toddler toothbrush that Chuck had thrown down the sink. It was too far down, for us to retrieve it with the usual tools. Hank was ready to call the handyman, when I straightened out two wire hangers and then wrapped electrical tape sticky-side-out around one end of each hanger. I went in with my homemade contraption and was able to get out the toothbrush and all the "gunk" in the drain. yuck.

  5. You ARE supermom!!! I am so impressed with your collections. I am pretty sure that all my stuff was promptly tossed by my mother as soon as I turned my back.

  6. Just be careful where you hide those teeth. The twins that I nannied while going to law school were only 8 years old when one of them accidentaly found their baby teeth. She was devestated and unwilling to listen to anything else about the tooth fairy, she just "knew" the tooth fairy didn't exist now. And then she started sobbing uncontrollably and said "I suppose Santa Clause isn't real either". It was a heart breaking day for all of us.

  7. I wonder if you took the drain pipe off to get the tooth or waved a magic wand to get it out? I am impressed! Good for you Aurelia and your son...I am sure someday he will be amazed by how the tooth fairy was able to keep all his teeth together :)

  8. You.are.hilarious!!

    I can just imagine you showing up armed with a massive wrench at the school- I think this would make a good cartoon!

  9. I love that you went in after it! You really are a wonderful mom! Just think of the story you will be able to tell at his wedding. . .

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this story.

    What an amazing mom you are!

  11. You are the Most Awesome Mama Ever!

  12. Oh man, you had me laughing out loud. How cute are you to go digging for the tooth, AND FINDING IT?? Well Done!

  13. You are indeed a nut case, but a very good type of nut case :)


  14. That is amazing! What a great story! It will be fun when Mac is old enough that you can tell him the story without foiling his faith in the tooth fairy!

    I swear, that old tooth fairy has been the bane of my existence more than once!!

  15. Way to go!!!!

    You've got me laughing. I can just picture it.

    And so awesome that your neighbor's plan is getting foiled. (insert evil laughter here)

  16. I get it and would have done the same. I am so happy you were able to retive the tooth.