Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not what I was looking for

I tested this a.m., POAS, and it was negative. I should've assumed it would be, but I am still disappointed. I may get a blood test just to confirm, maybe not....

Crap...seeing my GP later today and we're supposed to talk about my bone scan results, and my RAIU test results from like weeks ago. I know the results will show abnormal, and every Dr. thinks I'm healthy notwithstanding the effin' lab results that say no. (I have my annual appointment with an osteoporosis specialist in two weeks for the bone scan, but I guess Dr. J. is throwing it into the conversation as well.)

So, just to engage in some useless idle speculation, you wanna make a bet that she's going to suggest I go on Foso.max because my bones scan results will still look blah, (I'd refuse at this point, fwiw) and that she thinks I should do nothing about my thyroid even though my RAIU test results look bad? Sometimes I think this world is a place where Drs. accept and believe the unbiased lab reports they like, and throw away the ones that don't fit with their personal perceptions.

Apparently sucking and blowing is still in style among the medical community these days.

I'm just not sure how they manage to do both at the same time.


  1. I read a study recently that surveyed a bunch of doctors on something- like prescribing a certain drug for a certain narrowly defined condition- and something like 40% didn't follow the CDC's (or some other national organization's) guidelines. A survey that I also read said about half cite 'disagreement with the results of clinical trials.' Which is all very well and good, but when the recommendation is for asprin for MI patients on admission, it needs to happen all the time whether you think the Thetans are running the asprin business or not.

    [rant over]

    I hope your doctor finds some sense and applies it to you and your thyroid!

  2. I continue to be amazed and impressed at your high level of knowledge of yourself, your medical issues, and the treatment of them (or lack thereof) by the medical community. I am also impressed by your ability to keep pushing for answers and proper treatment. I become so meek in the face of "professionals" that I worry sometimes what I will do if I ever have to fight to convince someone that something is wrong. Well... I guess I did already run into that scenario and my weakness proved to be true.

  3. Oh that sucks, I'm sorry about that.

    Like Lori, I really am amazed at how well informed you are. I guess you need to be to get real attention and care.

  4. How do they do it? Easy, they suck in through their mouth and blow it out end ;)

  5. Oh, I am so sorry about the BFN. So sorry.

    And sadly, I think you are right about the doctors and the way they treat lab results. I know some scientists are the same way. They just keep redoing the experiment until the results fit their hopes or expectations. It's a sad state of affairs. All those doctors deserve a big dope slap, as far as I am concerned.

  6. I had a good line, but Lanna beat me to it.

    The thing they never tell you about research is that there are many different ways to manipulate and interpret the numbers... so really, you can make your results say almost anything.

  7. Sorry about the negative, I know the disappointment all too well. I agree with the above comments, your knowledge is incredible. I guess what it comes down to, is that we really can't trust doctors and, therefore, we better darn well educate ourselves. I know that's what I have to do, but I just feel like I'm so ignorant about fertility that it will be a long road to even get up to speed. At least I have your blog to read, which sure points me in the right direction.

  8. I'm so sorry about the negative. Thinking of you x

  9. I am sorry you didn't see what you wanted. That sucks.

    Were you right? About what the doc said?

  10. Sorry it was negative.


  11. I'm so sorry about the negative pregnancy test, Aurelia. I know you really wanted this.

    I hope you're appointment with your GP went well.

  12. Phe-- I am late to the party again.
    Sorry about the BFN. Is there any hope that the appointment didn't suck as badly as you were afraid it would?

  13. Crap on a stick. Sorry about the BFN.

    And doctors learned to suck and blow at the same time during their first year of med school. It was a course req.