Thursday, March 06, 2008

Better and worse

Heartburn - better - all hail Zantac. I may try another kind later, but so far so good.

Steroid shots - lovely Dr.J. gave me one small one in each upper arm, (you don't have to get them in the ass!!!) and the second one was given today by my OB, who said that he couldn't bruise my arms twice, but oh well, he's actually pretty good at this so it didn't hurt too much.

(Many thanks btw to everyone who offered to help with the shots, luckily it worked out, but I sure wouldn't mind if we all got together someday, just to hang and have dinner, no need to see my ass or anything!)

BP is still normal, but I found some protein in my urine on the dipstick, probably because of the crappy food and lack of sleep and see the bit below about the might just be a false positive, I'm getting to pee on more sticks next time, maybe do some bloods.

Gestational diabetes test - flunked by a whisper. Normal upper range for the one hour test is 7.5, and I scored 8.2. I have to redo it as the 2 hour ordeal with a 12 hour fast. And I think I even know why I flunked. I had a couple of snacks that morning and breakfast plus a Soy Tazo Chai Latte at S*bucks and filled it with a couple of sugars, etc. No fasting, so what the hell, right? Why not treat myself? Except for how it turned out, duh. Also, no one had told me that any drugs beyond the injectable steroids could cause a false positive, but it turns out that hydrazaline (the anti-itch stuff) can, and I had been trying it out as a safe version of a sleeping pill on the recommendation of my shrink. Or it could be the progesterone suppositories, which can also lead to false positives, (the shots can rarely lead to actually causing GD, bizarrely). Anyway, I'll go off of the hydrazaline and try something else, but I need to stay on the progesterone to keep my cervix together, so I'm a little nervous. I might just skip it for the night before or something then make up the dose. And I'm laughing at the diet they handed me. I actually eat better than this most of the time, lots better. The occasional treat notwithstanding I'm a bit of a health freak and now they want me to eat worse? Not quite...again the assumption that every woman with GD is drinking 10 cokes a day and a box of twinkies. Yep, big ol' bunch of bad mommies aren't we? sigh....

Bit of a large fight with hubby---Kaz got into that school he applied to before Christmas and I really didn't think he'd get in, so I didn't object enough then, and now I may be stuck! Mr.Cotta is so enthused you'd think it was that ridiculous sleepaway camp he sent Kaz to last year, you know, the one that turned into an utter disaster? Meanwhile, Kaz is being incredibly immature about his homework, and frankly, driving me a bit nuts with his tantrums over nothing. He is not ready for a big school, and he is not ready to take total responsibility for his schoolwork.

But once again, I'm going to get steamrolled and this will be a disaster and I will be right once again but can't say it and my poor husband will really lose it this time. He dreams that his kid can be just like him, but he can't, Kaz is his own person, with his own likes and dislikes.

It just kills me to see this happen over and over again. My husband is the single most enthusiastic guy on earth as far as his kids. He is convinced they have perfect character and perfect faith and no illnesses and no problems. He thinks I just overemphasize the issues and if I would just stop talking about it all the time, it would all go away. I prefer to think of myself as realistic. I think my kids are wonderful, fabulous human beings, with feet of clay. Faults, even. Occasional illnesses and some learning disabilities which don't have to stop them if we find the right way to help them.

Anyway, he ends up very disappointed sometimes. My heart breaks for him. I just hope that I can find a way to work it for my husband and maybe even work it out for my son. (And it's supposed to be about him, right?)

Oh yeah, and somehow I have to do this while in the middle of dealing with a high-risk pregnancy and maybe a newborn, hopefully a full-term healthy one....gee, anyone wonder if I need this stress right now?

I guess no-one in real life figured it out, or there wouldn't be a massive family birthday dinner party we are hosting this weekend, and we wouldn't be hosting Easter dinner for like 20 people either. Still don't know how that one happened.....


  1. Selecting schools is incredibly stressful. Can Kaz stay where he is now, or does he need to find a different school? Is there a way that Kaz might be able to deal with the new school with some kind of support from the school?

  2. Are you dumping ketones? Why wait and get the pee sticks from the pharmacy. That way you can poas every morning.

    Ah the pleasures of pregnancy.

    Can you negotiate a tutor, if you relent to Kaz's new school? Whenever, I had a tutor, I would soar, because I could learn very well in a 1:1 environment. I don't know what Kaz's LD are, but just a thought.

  3. Niobe & Thrice,

    Kaz can stay at his own school now until the end of Grade 8, but I'm not sure I can withstand the onslaught of begging. And he can get some support from the new school but that would depend on my husband being willing to disclose more. He and I agree that we should not tell about the ADD because his meds take care of that, and why subject him to that label on his permanent record, but Kaz still has some organizational issues and he has some trouble with fine motor skills and auditory learning. He is much better at visual.

    I'm more worried about his stuttering and whether or not he will be subjected to bullying at the new school. I want him to go back to speech therapy and I want to talk to the new school about it, so they can head off any issues, but again, my husband thinks we should do nothing and it will all be fine.

    I'm not so trusting, you know?

    As far as ketones Thrice, it was one peestick and since I had just one steroid shot the Doc kind of dismissed it. It was so hard to see, it might even have been poor lighting.

  4. Occasional ketone could just be from the balance of diet for the day. But if it keeps up, you know...

    I agree that getting a tutor or some kind of extra help and getting the school on alert for some of the issues seem like good ideas, all. That's why they call it negotiating, right? :)

  5. I so hate your relatives.
    Do you want me to ask our learning centre if they know much about the other schools supports?
    My experience would make me think Kaz would do well if you are honest with them about his needs. I don't think they would have accepted him if they didn't think he would do well. Seriously.

  6. I am quite disappointed I can't see your ass.

  7. Hope you get those issues resolved with the husband and family...


  8. You've been recommended me by Thalia.

  9. Whew, just reading your last few days' posts exhausts me... There's damn good reason I only have ONE child! (see my latest "poultry post" for an example)
    Good luck babe!