Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hot momma is back!

Okay, foolish me just posted that title without a post. Duhhh, too relaxed after all that vacationing. Here's the real post.

The mini-vacation actually turned out to be a little different than I thought. Great Wolf Lodge is definitely a 100% families with kids phenomenon. Other theme parks get couples, or singles, or teenagers with friends and no adults. But not this place, it was all family, all the time. (Because you have to pay for a room overnight to get entry to the waterpark...) They have these great wristbands that everyone gets which function as room keys and a way to charge food and lockers and spas to your credit card. Which means your kids can run back and forth to the room, very safely, and they aren't chained to mommy. And there are loads of bathrooms, and change tables, and a kid-sized buffet table, and activities that are fun for kids, all G-rated. Every need a family could have, even wireless Wifi throughout the resort for parents to check on email, and fridges without minibars so you don't get ripped off but can store babyfood and kid snacks. Yes, a bit noisy and it all smelled like chlorine, but minor annoyances truly. I swear, GWL turned out to be family friendly heaven. At first I thought I was the only pregnant woman there, but it turns out that I wasn't. I was surrounded by women who if not pregnant were just postpartum, and dozens of babies so cute, just looking at them made me SQUEE!

Seriously, I haven't had this kind of babylust, as opposed to terror, since before I got pregnant this time. I used to stare at babies with the most incredible hunger, desperation even. I wasn't repelled by babies like some of you are, I was thisclose to committing an act of kidnapping! Until I got pregnant this time, and all I could think of was how scared I was of losing this baby, and my focus became my uterus and my uterus only. I turned inward, and stopped noticing others, and I know it wasn't a good way to govern my emotions.

Anyway, this weekend, I began to feel a lot more normal. People looked at me gigantically pregnant and they smiled, and they said congratulations, and I smiled back and said thanks. No qualifiers, no discounts, no "well, I'm high risk and so far so good, but we're not counting on it yet."

I just acted like a regular pregnant woman and I started to feel like it was okay to sit in that skin. That persona. Kinda nice.

Best part? I was so worried about bathing suits, but with all the moms around, no need. All of them had these tankinis, like 2 piece that covers the stomach to the edge of the bottom piece, and no one looked like a supermodel. Just nice and average, some large, some small, but all very reassuringly unself-conscious. I had bought a black maternity 2 piece like theirs with a coverup that came with it. The top went over my stomach and just showed a tiny strip of skin, although sometimes I rode up unless I was careful to keep it pulled down. I figured that was pretty daring, no?

Weeeelll, slightly more daring than I thought. After a couple of poolboys stared, tongues hanging out, at me lying on a lounge chair, and one of the chefs in the restaurant offered to personally teach me a new Lamaze method, I clued in.

To the casual observer, I looked like I was wearing a black bra, black panties, and a see through lacy black negligee.

While over 7 months pregnant. In public.


So, the bellyshot is coming, but not in that outfit, not on the internet. Good lord.....


  1. Hey, hot stuff, I'm glad you had a good vacation. Sounds like it was very relaxing and helped get you into a good place. Take care!

  2. Did you go the spa at GWL? It is supposed to be pretty good.

  3. woohoo! i love it!

    i also can't wait for the belly shot...

  4. I did use the spa and it was awesome, I had a maternity massage, manicure and pedicure, although they wouldn't let me get any body spa treatments like a seaweed wrap while pregnant---oh well, I'll just have to come back another time, right? Grin.

  5. Glad to hear you had such a nice time. Good for you.

  6. Sounds like a great getaway! Too bad we won't be seeing the hot momma pics. Cheers to feeling "normal".

  7. Sounds like the trip was good for you. Enjoy being pregnant for a little while longer.

  8. Racy Mama. Ok scrolling up to see that belly!

  9. How cool -- we went the Grand Opening of the new GW Lodge in Grapevine, right before Xmas -- DEFINITELY going back this spring when the outdoor part of the waterpark is open!!

  10. I am way late to this, but I just needed to say Bwahahaha on the swim suit thing. Very funny.