Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The morning after the rant

Okay, slightly calmer this a.m. And this last week hasn't been all bad. We saw Horton Hears a Who and it was good...although they put a weird environmental global warming angle into it. I kept thinking "Dude, wrong film, you should've done the Lorax for that" then I realized that Fox had released Horton.

Ding, slaps forehead, of course the network that brings us Fox news pro-war nutbars isn't going to want to emphasize the anti-occupation angle of the original book! Ha...then again Fox news doesn't believe in global warming either....hmmm...guess they have egg on their faces right now, ehh? Green eggs? hee hee

For the first time EVER, I missed a by-election. I've helped out in every election and every by-election in years, but not this one. Too tired, too stressed, and frankly there is no way on earth I could go out and knock on doors in my condition, so I admit, I said fuck it and stayed home and watched TV. I feel guilty anyway.

Plus, I admit it, I'm kind of hiding out. I've told loads of people I know and have emails for, that I'm pregnant, but if I go to a big event like this, and something goes wrong, I'll have to tell hundreds of people, and I just don't know if I can handle that. I don't mind telling people by email the bad news, frankly I prefer it, but endless people I barely know over and over again verbally...sucks.

We also went to the Saint Patrick's Day parade, and we went to Ikea and bought Kaz the desk for his room he'll need. We're planning to do the big room rearrangement in the next 3 weeks and he needs more than a bed and a dresser. Like a desk for studying. We finally got him signed up for his new school, which is Grade 7-12. Which means he is in high school. Gulp.....my baby can't be that old, not possible. I'm imagining all this, truly.

The new fridge and washer/dryer arrived, and it was a hell of a two days getting them in the house, installing them, rearranging furniture and flooring, etc. My sewing desk (20 year crappy Ikea desk) got bashed and destroyed in the process. :( Logically I know I can get a new one, a wayyyy better one. I should get one. I deserve it. Still....kind of sad here. I had it for twenty years after all!

The fridge got a dent in the rear. Hardly visible and maybe I shouldn't complain but after all this time, I really didn't want a scratch and dent. You know? Anyway, it will end up being covered by the cupboards in the new reno next year, so I'm not getting a new one, even though Sears offered it. The washer got a HUGE scratch along the way, and that is visible and obvious, so we're either getting a new washer or I'm going to ask them to see if they can replace that panel only and if they can it will look perfect. Why all the damage?

Narrow Victorian Toronto House + large new appliances + delivery guys who don't read manufacturer instructions on how to disassemble to get stuff in small house = scratches and dents.

As for the next few days? Today I'm off to buy a maternity bathing suit. I had one and it seems to have disappeared. And tomorrow morning we leave for Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days. (Yes, Mr.Cotta is letting me go further than 15 minutes away from a level 3 NICU....stop the presses.) Me and my neurosis are going to sit around and get a massage and pedicure while the boys play in the pool and waterslides. Mr.Cotta won't have to even watch because they have so many lifeguards. I figure after the spa I might sit on the lazy river or go poolside and read a book.

I might bring my laptop, but I won't likely be able to use it anywhere near the pool area without getting it rusty and I don't know if they have wifi. But my Blackberry works, so I can still get emails and comments I have been unable to surf on the Blackberry so far. I'm afraid of being charged a billion dollars by Rogers. I might try blogging by email if anything interesting happens. That's cheap.

Okay, off to buy the dreaded suit, and then home to wax some stuff...oooh the pain...but with the heparin I'm taking I don't dare shave anything I have trouble seeing.

If I end up looking okay in this suit, I'll try to post a belly shot when I get back. This could be amusing!


  1. I am holding my breath for the belly shot!!

  2. how about depilatory cream for the no see um regions?

  3. Aw hell, just wrap a towel around you and forget the forest ;)

    The best thing at GWL when we went was me being able to ditch everyone and go find a quiet (good luck) corner and read and people watch. Have a great time!

  4. Everyone I know who's been there raves about Great Wolf Lodge. I'm sure the kids will have a blast, & a spa visit sounds heavenly. Have fun!!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful vacation; hope you get lots of massages.

  6. all of my with-kid friends love great wolf lodge! i hope that you have a great time and enjoy the pampering!!!!

    btw, don't feel guilty, it's such a wasted emotion (i should listen to my own advice....)

  7. Awww can't wait to see the belly shot.

    You should not feel at all guilty, if it makes you feel better, or at least laugh I hope I FORGOT to vote this last election. Can you believe that? I am still sick about it. I have no idea what day it is ever, don't get out and never turn on the TV. If no one blogs about it I have no idea. Still, SO pathetic I know.

  8. How you're having a great time, Aurelia. Much deserved.

  9. How you're having a great time, Aurelia. Much deserved.

  10. I hope you are enjoying the hell out of that spa.