Sunday, May 25, 2008

1:47 pm labour update

Quickly before another motherf-cking contraction hits....they are 2 minutes apart

Am torn between epidural now and possibly stalling labour and epi later when more steady labour hits.

The resident examined me and I am now 2 cm dilated only 30 per cent effaced and still longish but at least we know the damn contractions are doing something. If I was going through all this pain for no progress I'd murder someone, seriously.

So I wait a little longer then maybe get my IV, with fluid and antibiotics then the epidural.

Also sucky friend called my number and implied I was about to do something dangerous if I had a dose or morphine in the interim like she gives a shit more than I do about this baby. Am no longer answering the fucking cellphone if I see her number.



  1. pain killers rock. take 'em if ya need 'em.

    waiting with baited breath.

  2. Gawrsh! What nerve to call you when you're in labor... (It's probably even chutzpah to leave a comment on your blog when you're in labor ;-))

    You're doing great!

  3. Wow, wow, wow! This is so exciting! I'm so happy for you that this day is finally here.

  4. Live labour blogging? Awesome, and well done to you! I think if I were to have done that it would have just said "This fucking hurts, motherfuckers" over and over again. Sorry to swear AGAIN.

    Best of luck and may your friend leave you the hell alone.

  5. Oh yes, loving the moblogging labour. How about some pictures? no?

    Thinking of you.

    Do you know the rhyme?
    Monday's child is fair of face
    Tuesday's child is full of grace
    Wednesday's child is full of woe
    Thursday's child has far to go
    Friday's child is loving and giving
    Saturday's child works hard for a living
    And the child that is born on the sabbath day, is bonny and blythe, good and gay.

    Here's looking forward to your bonny son...

  6. Three hours later, I'm thinking about you. Go cervix!
    Can't wait to hear....

  7. I can't believe you're blogging while in labour!! Hang in there, you're almost there...!