Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More drama

First off my Mother's Day was good right up until the end when my birth mother emailed Mr.Cotta to deliver some guilt, "I hope Aurelia had a good Mother's day." And also some awful pictures of my SIL whom I despise, and her two daughters.

You'll note that I do not refer to them as my nieces, frankly, considering their mother's history, who the hell knows who the father really is....and my SIL is the last person on earth I'd ever want to see after her casual cruelty to me so there you go. I've told my birth mother this, and told her that I would like to have a relationship with her, but not my half-brother or his family considering their pattern of endlessly hitting us up for money. The only conversations I've ever had with them involves them derisively crapping on my home, my possessions, my parenting skills....and of course, then the request for cash.

My birth mother never ever does this, (she has her issues, but I can deal with them) but she does insist that they have to be included. It's all or nothing, which leaves me and her, with nothing. Drives me nuts.

Also left me sleepless. Sigh....happy fucking mothers day, eh?


As for yesterday, I saw my OB and we settled on a definite induction date of May 25th. (38 weeks) If my cervix is closed, I get a gel the night before, and if my cervix is open we just break my water that day and have the baby. Dinkypie is currently measuring at 7.1 pounds. Not so dinky anymore I guess. More like Megababy. My dopplers look okay and my placenta could go longer, but at this point, even if the measurements are off by a pound, in two weeks he'll still be at least 8 pounds, maybe 9. If I went to 40 weeks, he might be 10 or 11 pounds and that scares me. I am pretty tiny.

So we're starting to trying to "naturally" induce and get my cervix to open a bit, with ahem, SEX. Which pretty much requires an act of engineering, or an act of God, or maybe a Cirque du Soleil membership. And we started last night, weeeeeeeee.

All in the name of duty, my dears, snicker.

Ironic considering how hard it was to keep my cervix closed before with Mac that now it's staying firmly shut. Prometrium anyone?

However last night, afterwards, I lay down flat (first stupid mistake) and tried to sleep. Next thing I know, I sat up bolt upright because I vomited, and aspirated the vomit, and choked.

And I couldn't breathe. AT ALL.

I panicked and started to wildly hit my husband in the chest, he jumped out of bed, hit the lights and tried to help. To no avail. I am terrified of dying at this point, turning blue and keep trying to cough the aspirated vomit out, but it kept getting worse. Mr.Cotta called 911, and helped me to the bathroom. I am intermittingly getting tiny bits of air, like getting oxygen through an eyedropper and desperately straining to get more. I keep trying to cough but can't.

And suddenly I'm surrounded by very very tall muscular firefighters and an EMS guy and two EMS women with an ambulance (I'm glad the women were there, since I wasn't wearing much at this point). They help me breathe, check out my vitals, figure out that the vomit hasn't entered my lungs, and is just in my bronchial tubes, and help me cough it out. The firefighters leave and the EMS people stay to monitor me, and we all decide not to go to the hospital since I won't get any sleep there and the crisis is past. Plus, I can call back if needed. Plus, MegaBaby was rocking and rolling and kicking perfectly.

Have I mentioned how much I love the people who work for City of Toronto Emergency Services Ambulance and Fire? Yep, just in case you weren't sure, I do. I love them a lot. They need a raise I think. A GREAT BIG ONE. And maybe a kiss. ANOTHER GREAT BIG ONE. I swear if I ever have the power to do it, they will know how grateful I am. Idiot politicians never do appreciate these guys.

I slept upright last night, with my husband watching on alert most of the time, and I'm pretty tired so I'm going to have a nap now. And take some more heartburn meds.


  1. Ohmigosh! What a horrible experience! It sounds so scary! Thank G-d you're OK now.

    It must be nice to have an induction date - something kind of definite to look forward to.

    Sorry your birth mom won't take what you're offering. It seems like such a shame. I hope you managed to have a fairly OK Mother's Day anyway. Do the kids at least make cards in school? I remember that we used to (I grew up in the US).

  2. Aurelia, if this doesn't teach you that sex=bad, I'm really not sure what will.


    Yikes, what an evening. Let's have this baby already!

  3. I am just disappointed you didn't mobile blog through the episode :(

    I kid, I kid! Glad you are OK and set to have the baby on Memorial weekend. :) Well, wait, I guess you Canooks don't celebrate that. I will drink a few in your honor that day.

  4. You certainly do have all the "luck". I'm glad that after it all, you are just a little tired and urpy. Stop scaring us like that.

  5. Okay, that sounds AWFUL!!!! I am so glad you are okay!

    You are almost there!! I can't wait to read the happy news sometime around May 25th (you better not keep us hanging for long!)

  6. I believe I have said this before but Holy Crap can you ever catch a break?

    Here is to far less excitement in the next few weeks.

    I won't be able to stop thinging of you in your cirque nighty for a while though.

  7. How terrifying. Glad all is OK and that you have a plan.

    My dad's family is the same as your birthmom in the sense that it contains a total of about 1.5 decent humans but those 1.5 will not join in activities without bringing others, who are politely described as being more trouble than they're worth. Alas.

  8. May 25th sounds like a lovely day to have a baby. :o)

    Did you miss that the motto is "Just keep breathing"??? :o)

  9. NO ONE needs that kind of drama. Damn.

    I'm holding my breath until the 25th, okay?

  10. Yikes!! I think it's high time this baby made an entrance, don't you? I've marked my calendar for the 25th & will be looking for an update...!

  11. that's so crazy.

    i agree that the EMS people and firefighters need HUGE raises. both times we've had to phone them they were at our house in minutes and they were so great.

    i hope you're having a better day today!

  12. Oh, poor Aurelia! You can either read my archives or simply take my word for it that my own medical issues give me the street cred to snicker impolitically at the EMS incident. I'm always getting into trouble somehow, totally unassisted, to the point that I was talking on the cell phone to a friend the other day and an ambulance passed, sirens wailing, and I covered my ears and the phone then said "I didn't do it!" and my friend said "those sounded more like ambulances than the police, sweetie," and I said "I KNOW!" and then we both laughed...ah, the joy of someone ELSE coming up with a way to make mere existence hazardous that I've never even heard of...for ONCE!

  13. Scary! Hope you're breathing easy now. You'll need to, with all that awkward natural induction going on.


  14. Wow...that's so soon. Not even two weeks.

    My husband and I have been discussing adoption paths (open, closed, domestic, international). He's been arguing against open adoption for fear of the scenario you describe.