Friday, May 16, 2008

Nesting and contracting

I seem to have developed a desperate need to get things done in the last few days, not necessarily baby things, but random things.

Like I went out to get the car fixed, especially the seatbelt in the middle 2nd row, kind of an important thing to be working. I went to the drycleaner and the grocery store, and Home Depot and the gardening centre, and like twelve other places. And then I picked up the kids, and came home and started to plant stuff and water stuff and sort papers and tidy tidy tidy.

And I made Kaz put together the stroller, because if you had an 11 year old junior engineer in your house wouldn't you assign him the complicated construction of metal and plastic and stuff? And when he stops so he can get a snack and watch Naruto, would you ease up on the kid or would you pout and start to sulk and ask why no one cares IF THE BABY HAS NO STROLLER?????

And then when you can't get the baby's car seat off the base, with the supposedly easy one button release wouldn't you burst into tears and tell your husband that you can't have a baby because you are too stupid to operate the car seat, so you will just have to forget about the whole thing and not have a baby after all?

God, something is going on with me.....when I started nesting with Kaz, I had a weird compulsion to cover every shelf in my house with shelf paper. I also had to make sure every single bill was paid, and all of my ironing was done.

I'm sure you know this, but in the 11 years since, I have not given a shit about shelf paper AT ALL. I haven't cared about ironing ever since and I care about bills only when necessary.

And now I keep contracting. They are painful, so it's not Braxton Hicks, but it only seems to happen when I move. If I sit on my butt and surf, I'm okay, but if I walk further than 10 steps or up and down stairs, it's contraction time baby. Unevenly spaced and uneven in length, and not much back action, so I'm not going anywhere tonight, but ohhh they are here.

Plus this is my first day without antibiotics and my bladder is killing me again, so that sample in a peecup I gave today at the hospital better show something curable. Won't know for a few days until the culture comes back so I'm just crossing my legs until then.

Take care my peeps, I'm getting some more contractions and this typing thing is hard to do whilst breathing slowly.


  1. methinks that a baby is very very close. I know its overwhelming at this point. But I think you can do this.

  2. It all sounds about right to me and I am right there with you my friend. Now keep breathing slowly and get lots of rest.

  3. Would it be absolutely horrible for me to admit that I am EXCITED for you? Soon, very soon. Yee Haw!!!


  4. I haven't been a long time reader and since I have been reading I've been mainly just a lurker but....I'm so excited!

  5. I gave Ohad instructions about what to do if I didn't make it... but wasn't into serious nesting.

    Sounds really exciting :-) I love that Kaz helps you. It must make him feel really important. BTW, Matan *loves* having a little brother. He's already showing him how he plays on the xbox...

  6. ooooh, was hoping for more information after I read this! Hope this is all leading in a positive direction, Aurelia. Take great care. I hear kids who can assemble strollers can also change diapers! Who knew!

  7. One more week... One more week!

  8. Woohoo what's going on?
    glad you got that seatbelt fixed friday!

  9. Unusual to see you so quiet. Hopefully good things are happening!

  10. So. It's Monday. What's happening?

  11. Ahh, I hope everything is going well! I've got all my fingers crossed.