Sunday, May 25, 2008

Relief and redemption

Resting now frozen and happy.

Alley is right, pain relief drugs rock! Got my epidural and it wasn't easy because the contractions were 1.5 minutes apart. But I made it!

Something weird is happening though, all my contractions this time are sharper as opposed to dull. Anyway they are going to check me again soon and likely break my water.

I may post a picture later, not sure how to mobile blog it. But if I can I will!

The redemption part? I'm walking around earlier trying to make things progress and I shuffle past the special room, the room where Matthew died. I always say a little prayer when I go past it....well this time I see a woman I know from my OBs office and she and I chat a minute. She is staying there because her BP is high and they are trying to keep her baby in a little longer.

So wild seeing a woman who likely will get a live baby in a place I associate with a dying child. While I am working on getting a live baby as we speak.


There are blessings all around us if we just take the time to look.


  1. Hi there,

    lurked for a while......I have been refreshing all weekend. Many good vibes and prayers coming your way......this last entry seems so peaceful and optimistic....wishing you all the best.


  2. Wow that is amazing.
    Here's hoping for more blessings.

  3. I'm so impressed that you are live blogging your labor, that's got to be tough.

    Know that we are here and are rooting for you. I'm still madly refreshing the site awaiting news.

    You're doing great Aurelia!!

  4. good luck! my thoughts and prayers are with you!

  5. I think there's a little group of us waiting, pinned to your blog, praying that you and baby are doing well. I know I am.

  6. Glad things are going well. And I', glad for the drugs working. My last two babies, they didn't. Still, sending prayers and good feelings to you.

  7. Hi there - just checking in on you! Sending you good thoughts and prayers!!

  8. Moving right along. Looking forward to the next post.